iCandy Orange - A Day in the Life of The Bradney Family

iCandy Orange - A Day in the Life of The Bradney Family

The Bradney Family

iCandy Orange Twin - Royal Blue Marl


To showcase how adaptable the new iCandy Orange truly is, iCandy selected 7 real families across the UK to put the pushchair to the test. iCandy has been catching up with The Bradney family – Mum and Dad Robyn and Chris and their twin boys Teddy and Jude. They have taken over the iCandy World Instagram and the iCandy World Blog to share a day in their life with their iCandy Orange Twin.



Let’s Go to the Farm!


Robyn and Chris love taking their twin boys Teddy and Jude on exciting adventures so they packed up their car, with the iCandy Orange Double fitting neatly in their boot and headed to the farm.


Optimised tyre tread? Check! Smooth suspension? Check! Removable wheels for easy cleaning? Check! Both babies? Check!  The Bradney’s iCandy Orange was all set for a fun day at the farm  - the only thing to do was decide which of the 30 possible configurations would be the perfect set-up for the trip.


Robyn and Chris decided upon one seat unit parent facing and one seat unit world facing, giving the boys the perfect view of pigs ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop’ from every angle!


All-Weather Ready


From suncream to an umbrella and multiple clothing layers in-between, a day out in the UK wouldn’t be complete without packing essentials for every possible weather. Fortunately, with the iCandy Orange in tow the Bradney family were all set come rain or shine.


When the sun made an appearance, Robyn and Chris extended the SPF50+ canopies to offer the boys extra protection, whilst opening the mesh ventilation panels kept them both cool.


As the cloud began to reign supreme the cosy Duo Pods, secured via the seat unit harnesses, kept the chill off Teddy and Jude. Plus, the combined seat liner and footmuffs meant there was no need to bring blankets that may have ended up slipping off or being kicked off into a muddy puddle.


Robyn also shared a great tip to store the raincovers in the pocket at the back of each seat unit to keep them safe and within easy reach.  


Picnic Time


The Orange has a spacious, easy to access basket that can hold an impressive 64l, so the Bradney family didn’t have to sacrifice any twin essentials for their farmyard adventure. There was even space for the picnic bag!


With new animal noises learnt it was time to pack the pushchair back in the car and head home!


Thank you to the Bradney family for sharing their day with iCandy! To watch the full takeover, head over to the iCandy World Instagram


Are you wondering if the new iCandy Orange is the right pushchair for you and your family too? You can take iCandy's interactive quiz to find out how the pushchair can fit into your lifestyle. 

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