How To? Buy a pushchair

How To? Buy a pushchair

iCandy Expert Midwife

There are three really important areas to bear in mind when you're choosing your pram/pushchair/stroller:

  1. Your Childs Needs

If you intend to use your pushchair with a newborn baby you will need to select either a pushchair with a full lay back seat or carrycot, which will then fit onto the pram chassis. It is important that newborn babies lie flat until they are able to support the weight of their own head and sit up alone; this will benefit their spinal and lung development. You may prefer to have you baby facing towards you so that you can see exactly what they’re up to; this will also assist with bonding, social and emotional development. The vast majority of prams and strollers now feature a reversible seat, which has the ability to face forwards or towards you. Comfort is always going to be high on the agenda; a comfortable baby is a happy baby, will be more likely to nap when out and about and you will find yourself feeling more relaxed. Also, look out for additional features such a weatherproof covers; footmuffs to keep them cosy, adjustable seat angles and well padded seating.

  1. Fitting in with your Lifestyle

Are you going to be using public transport frequently or spend a lot of time travelling in the car? you’re going to need to look for a lightweight, compact pushchair with an easy to use folding mechanism. If you’re a shopaholic you’re going to need a decent sized shopping basket underneath the seat; luckily all iCandy strollers come with very generous sized shopping baskets. Pushability and maneouvability are essential to ensure a smooth ride for both yourself and little one, and is especially important on uneven terrain; this is where a 3 wheeler pram would come in useful. It’s also going to be important to consider the size of your home; you’re going to need to be able to maneuver in and out of the hallway and potentially up and downstairs. Most people will store their pushchair in the boot of their car, if you’re going for this option, be sure to check the size of your boot, if you can only just squeeze in the buggy where is all that shopping going to go!

  1. Your Budget

If you plan on having more children and intend to pass your buggy on to your next baby you’re going to need to invest a little in durability. A complete travel system including chassis, carrycot and pushchair seat will most likely suit all your needs. Obviously the more you spend, the more features you’re likely to see, and if you go for the top range model, then both functionality, durability, extra features and looks will be fully maximized. If your budget can’t quite stretch that far you’ll still be able to find a stroller to suit your needs, the first thing you will need to do is make a list of all your requirements and ensure you stick to it. Our refurbished pushchairs often present a viable alternative to buying brand new, you can see what we currently have available on the following link. Also look out for all those extra accessories and features that are often included!

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