How MAMA Academy is Helping More Babies Arrive Safely

Trigger Warning: Stillbirths, baby loss, rainbow babies 


Stillbirth rates remained the same for 20 years. Until 2012 – when MAMA Academy was launched. In 2011, there were 3811 stillbirths. In 2012, there were 2558 stillbirths. In 2020, there were 2371 stillbirths. 


Bringing a new life into the world is a remarkable and sometimes overwhelming journey. MAMA Academy provides essential resources that empower new parents to advocate for themselves during these uncertain moments. Their mission is to support parents, and their primary resources—the Pregnancy Passports and Wellbeing Wallets—are designed to make this transformative experience safer and more informed. 


Pregnancy Passports 


In the quiet moments of anticipation, MAMA Academy Pregnancy Passports become trusted companions for parents embarking on the beautiful journey of pregnancy. These compact booklets easily fit into your handbag and contain important details such as blood group and risk factors. More than just guides, these Passports encourage vital discussions with midwives, covering topics that are crucial for a safer pregnancy. 


"A woman rang the department regarding a concern with foetal movements. The woman had read the information [from MAMA Academy literature given on the ward] and realised she should ring the department and NOT WAIT. Attended the service and needed immediate delivery." - St Helens & Knowsley maternity ward. 


MAMA Wellbeing Wallets 


The MAMA Wellbeing Wallets are designed to be havens for pregnancy notes and cherished memories. They are priced at an affordable £2.00 and are specifically created to securely hold scan photos, medical notes and leaflets. With a Wellbeing Wallet, you can access pregnancy knowledge even while waiting in the doctor's office. Each wallet is filled with easily understandable health information, making it an invaluable guide throughout your pregnancy. Additionally, the QR code on the Pregnancy Passports and Wellness Wallets directs parents to a translated version in over 20 languages, an audio version for the visually impaired, and an awareness video with BSL for deaf parents. But it doesn't end there. When you purchase a Wellbeing Wallet, you're not only investing in yourself; you're also making a difference. Every wallet bought contributes to funding another wallet for a mum-to-be, creating a supportive network and ensuring that no parent walks this journey alone. 


"When I was pregnant, my midwife gave me my blue antenatal notes in a bag [Wellbeing wallet] provided by your organisation that had some advice printed on it. Had I not casually glanced at the advice which instructed me to call my maternity unit immediately if I had obvious swelling of my hands and face when I was 29 months pregnant, I would probably not have thought anything of the puffy face I'd woken up with that morning since I'd suffered swollen feet and legs for weeks. It turns out I had severe pre-eclampsia. Taking action on your advice meant that my twin babies were safely delivered a couple of days later. I just wanted to let you know how important it proved to be in my case and thank you for providing it." - Fleur Ritson-Watson 


Rainbow Baby Helpline 


Their newest resource, the Rainbow Baby Helpline, has been available for less than 12 months. MAMA Academy’s Rainbow Baby Helpline offers a free helpline for parents who have experienced pregnancy loss. They understand that embarking on a new pregnancy and accessing maternity care can be a challenging and anxious time.  


It is normal to experience a range of emotions and feel uncertain about the future. A Rainbow Baby Helpline midwife is available to provide regular support, lend a listening ear, and help you discuss your feelings and concerns. Simply call 0203 6428 121 and leave a message with a convenient time for midwife, Kate, to return your call. Please note that while they cannot provide medical advice, if you have any medical concerns, please contact your midwife or GP immediately. 


At MAMA Academy, their mission is clear: to support every parent and provide compassionate resources. As you navigate your pregnancy, we invite you to explore their website. There, you will find stories intertwined with invaluable information. Discover the comfort of knowing that you are not alone, and together, let's create a world where every baby arrives surrounded by love and care. 

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