Behind the Scenes with the iCandy Team- The Orange Lifestyle Shoot

Behind the Scenes with the iCandy Team- The Orange Lifestyle Shoot

Our team of in house British designers never settle for anything less than perfection and this is a trend reflected throughout the brands very DNA.
Each department within the business is engrained with the same dedication to push the iCandy brand to exciting new heights. This inherent desire to excel and exceed filters down from the CEO’s who continue to run our family business. With such care taken to create and develop each product within our range, the marketing teams understand the importance in sharing the ingenuity behind each new addition to the iC family. Each iCandy product deserves much fanfare and careful consideration in order to truly justify the innovative design process behind each product.

The industry first Beautifully British campaign of 2016 proved ground-breaking within the industry, as we managed to capture gorgeous imagery which celebrated the very best of British life. The campaign was a huge success and introduced cutting edge technology such as cinemagraphs, whilst demonstrating our desire to differentiate ourselves from other pushchair brands. The Beautifully British marketing initiative was also put forward for the Best Marketing campaign of 2016 at the Bedfordshire business Awards. A key part of iCandy marketing is attempting to create a story within our marketing narrative, a theme which soon becomes obvious throughout the Orange Lifestyle shoot.


With the iCandy Orange now set to populate high streets across the UK, a lifestyle shoot was required to showcase our latest creation and the AbsolutelyFutureproof nature of the pushchair. The iCandy Orange is the end product of much customer feedback, having been three years in the making. The lifestyle shoot had to reflect the hard work and sheer majesty which had gone into the craft of the pushchair. The primary aim behind the lifestyle shoot was to create a breath-taking lifestyle video which would not only help educate parents on the Orange, but tell a story which could be told on social media, in advertising and at consumer shows. It was crucial that we managed to educate potential parents about the longevity of the pushchair and how it grows with a family.


The lifestyle shoot has now wrapped and the images are being processed in preparation to share with the world, here we present the story of the Orange shoot from behind the scenes by the people who proved fundamental in its process from conception to completion. Enjoy the following story which details the inspiration behind the shoot, the story we are trying to tell, and just how special being part of an iCandy lifestyle shoot is. Read on for exclusive behind the scenes access and imagery from the Orange shoot 2017, which took place in idyllic locales across Norfolk…


Head of Marketing Thom Bateman reveals that “The aim behind this entire shoot was to highlight the longevity of the product, in that it grows not just with the child, but with the family.” Marketing Executive Kane Watkins was keen to point out that the key message was to “Highlight that young couples don’t know what the future holds when it comes to having children and starting a family, therefore it’s paramount that our pushchairs can handle anything that it’s faced with. The narrative of this video and shoot is to provide an insight to the possible future of a young expecting couple; delving into the visions that they share before beginning their journey into parenthood.”

The marketing team are eager to point out that the imagery and video doesn’t simply symbolise one family, it represents the many different families out there, as the iCandy Orange is suitable for families of all sizes.


The team behind the shoot go on to explain that working on a lifestyle shoot for iCandy isn’t simply about capturing great shots, it is important to tell a story, deliver a message about the importance of family which is fundamental behind the thinking of iCandy as family run business. Thom muses that the “emphasis of the entire shoot highlights the importance of family time – this is apparent throughout the video, highlighting one of the very important corner stones of the iCandy brand.” It is this cornerstone which helps separate our marketing from other brands, it goes back to our fundamental principle of trying to tell a story which both current and future parents can relate to.

Time and time again the team reiterate that the primary message behind the shoot is to underline the importance of family, the interaction between both parents and children, the journey we go on as a family unit and the togetherness we feel with one another. Each family has their own story to tell and we hope that the Orange plays a large part in your very own special journey. The iCandy Orange will hopefully become a key component of those special days and provide many iCandy moments during your venture into family life.  Parents know how their family journey begins, but the future is not yet known, the aim of both the video and the imagery is to demonstrate the versatility of the Orange and its suitability as your travel companion for those special early years.


From Burnham Market to Wells-next-the-Sea, the new Orange Lifestyle video and imagery was shot in just two days across idyllic North Norfolk. With just two days to capture an entire lifestyle shoot, this was a project which was both ambitious in scale and time frame, the clock was ticking and the team still had to visit Holkham Park and Cromer Pier.

IMG_0295 3

The team have nothing but fond words for the production team and models who worked tirelessly around the clock to make this vision a reality. “Comprising a cast of 5 models and a full crew including Photographer (Darrin Jenkins Photography), Videographer (Intraspectrum Studios) and Production company (LS Productions). This was like nothing attempted before in such a short time frame. Everybody came together to create a truly breath-taking piece of work, one which will hopefully stand the test of time and match the standards set by our Beautifully British campaign of 2016."

Meanwhile, the team also filmed at the Hoste, a hotel a stones throw from Burnham market, whilst a special thanks is reserved for Urban Armour, a local jewellers, who deal in timeless and contemporary pieces. They were responsible for providing the wedding ring which can be seen in the video.


A large amount of time has been invested into helping the iCandy brand stand out for its attention to detail and creating a story within our imagery and videography. We are looking forward to sharing the full set of imagery with you all in due time.

The iCandy Orange is now on display at your local stockist. The product will not be available to buy online, this is owed to the fact that it requires an expert on hand to demonstrate the sheer number of configurations the pushchair has. What’s more, in an age driven by digital sales, we still understand the importance of our local stockists and want to say thank you for their continued support in helping establish the iCandy brand as the definitive luxury pushchair manufacturer.


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