5 Tips & Gift Ideas for a New Baby

5 Tips & Gift Ideas for a New Baby

Deborah Ajaja is the Founder of Colour Celebrations, a brand which creates luxury milestone cards for babies of colour, with a mantra ‘to help families celebrate their beautiful cultures in an inclusive way and capture babies’ memories that will last a lifetime’.  Deborah is taking over the iCandy Life Blog in a four part guest series and in her next installment, Deborah is sharing her top tips and ideas when it comes to gifting for new babies…


Lets face it – 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. And whilst life has continued for many, including those giving birth and raising children with the pandemic as a backdrop, we have all been affected in some way; from not being able to meet the new babies being born in person to being prohibited to give your new Mama friends a much needed congratulatory hug. However, one thing this year has taught us is the power of a gift. Gifts speak volumes especially when you can’t deliver the message personally. So I have taken much interest as a new Mama myself in the art of giving gifts to new babies, Mums and Mums-to-be. And what better time to explore this than in the run up to Christmas: the most wonderful time of the year!


Here are my top 5 tips for getting the best, most thoughtful gifts for new babies and Mothers. And hold on till the end for my top 10 gift guide that you can borrow for your Christmas shopping… You’re welcome!


Find out what’s needed

New babies get a lot of gifts, and sometimes there may be duplicates. This is even more likely at Christmas with everyone wanting to send their merry and congratulatory wishes all at once. To avoid getting a gift which may not end up being used, ask new parents what they might need or want. Chances are there are items they’ve been eyeing but haven’t had the time or resources to get themselves, which gives you a chance to purchase the perfect gift and gain brownie points. Result.


Vouchers are good

Unlike with typical gifting, there is no shame in purchasing gift vouchers to welcome a new baby or help a Mum-to-be tick off items on her baby registry list. If you’re not sure, you can purchase vouchers from one of the popular baby retailers or independent businesses specialising in baby gifts, allowing the parents to purchase what they want, when they want. They’ll always think of you when they look at the item your vouchers helped them buy. Christmas celebrations are set to look very different this year but an iCandy e-Gift Card, launching next week, is the perfect way to let someone know you are thinking of them.


Be season appropriate

When purchasing clothing or shoes for a new baby, we often buy a few sizes up to allow the baby to grow into them. But when doing this, please bear in mind what you’re buying and when the baby is likely to wear it. For example, a baby born in December is most likely going to need summer clothing by the time they reach the 6-9 month age range. Therefore, snowsuits and woolly jumpers in this age range sadly won’t be as useful. Think and plan ahead! If in doubt, you can always purchase items which can be used all year round like vests, leggings and cardigans which can be layered.


Prompt delivery helps

As we know from our current climate, things can change in the blink of an eye. So if you have an opportunity to give your baby gift, do take it! Remember, there are several ways to share your love, whether it’s by safe face-to-face interaction, post or e-delivery. There are many ways to ensure your heartfelt gift is sent to the ones you love in good time.


Be creative

Gifts don’t have to be boring, and whilst you may seek some guidance from parents for baby gifts, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a personal touch to your present. Look into quirky, unique, colourful, representative gifts that reflect the personality of both the giver and the recipient


Top 10 gift ideas for new baby and Mum to suit all budgets (can also be used for Christmas!)


  1. Baby clothing (age and season appropriate). The iCandy Paws for Thought bundles offer gorgeous designs, all year round wear and donate proceeds to Great Ormand Street Hospital
  2. Pamper kit or experience day for Mummy
  3. Baby muslins and nappies (you can never have too many)
  4. Food subscription service (parents of newborns need to eat, but probably don’t have the time or brain power to cook!)
  5. Gift vouchers for baby retailers and independent stores – check out Tim & Tam who create luxe satin baby bedding and have also launched gorgeous embellished headbands for Mums too!
  6. Bouquet of flowers (they can cheer everyone up!)
  7. Keepsake items (e.g. Colour Celebrations Milestone Cards, passport holder, clay cast kits)
  8. Books to encourage bonding with baby – Who Do I see in the Mirror and Ara becomes Thundergirl are some of my faves.
  9. A new baby luxe towel set and wash cloth set to keep that delicate baby skin nice and soft – check out this gorgeous set by Crownbury.
  10. For that extra special gift (perfect for Christmas) why not treat the whole family to an iCandy MiChair. The iCandy MiChair is a multi-functional highchair that not only grows with a child but will complement any family home in the process, making it a worthy Christmas gift for babies and parents alike.


All images courtesy of Colour Celebrations
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