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iCandy has a long-established history of providing high quality and safety ensured products.


This reputation is of paramount importance to the brand to maintain, in order for all iCandy customers to have peace of mind that they are always receiving the best possible products available within the nursery industry.




iCandy MiChair 2016+ Product Recall Notice
A10096 Manufactured 2016/17


Dear Customer

The safety of our customers and their children is very important to us. We are contacting you because our ongoing product monitoring programme has identified that a very limited number of the early edition iCandy MiChairs no longer meet our standards. The iCandy Michair affected (Batch number A10096) have been found to potentially develop hairline cracks in the seat base over time.


The issue only affects the below iCandy MiChair product:


  • Batch A10096 - This can be identified by a white rectangle sticker. The sticker should include the number A10096. This can be found on the underside of the iCandy MiChair


What are the defects?


The product may develop hairline cracks close to bolt attachment points. This may result in the seat coming away from the leg base.


What are the hazards?


If the seat comes away from the leg base, this could result in the chair collapsing, increasing the risk of injury to small children


Please promptly check if your product is the following model and immediately stop using if so.



If you have this model, please follow the steps below:


Contact us by either calling (03) 8555 2431 or emailing


Please box all parts of your iCandy Michair into the box provided:

  • The iCandy Michair: Seat plus lower legs and attachments (x2)
  • All accessories: Tray, footrest, harness strap and cross bar (NOT the comfort pack)
  • All bolts


An instructional manual and supporting videos are available to assist you on the Product Support Page.


iCandy will then provide you with a case reference number, arrange an Australia Post label for you to return the product and on receipt, will send a replacement to you within 7 working days.








Peach 2018 bumper bar safety notice


It has recently been identified that a very limited number of iCandy Peach bumper bars are missing a plastic cap which results in there being a small hole in the bumper bar, visible at either side of the base of the hinge mechanism.


It should be noted that this hole is only visible when the bumper bar has been completely removed and levered back on one side.





There has been an extremely limited number of reports of this occurring since the Peach 2018’s commercially launch in March 2018, but as part of our duty of care to all our customers we are instructing all Peach users to check their bumper bars. This can be done quickly by removing and assessing the bumper bar, see video below for reference. Please ensure you inspect both ends of the bumper bar.


Please be assured if your Peach bumper bar has both caps in place there is no risk at a later date of an issue occurring.


As with all iCandy products, extensive testing above and beyond the requirements of safety standards, including user trials were carried out at the time of Peach 2018’s launch. During the process of formal certification and due diligence, no fault was found with the bumper bar.


In the event you identify any Peach model bumper bar that you feel may need to be replaced, please contact iCandy customers services on the follow;


Telephone: 03 8555 2431







Replacement iCandy Buckle and Crotch Strap for the Peach 2016


As part of our on-going monitoring programme, we recently identified a very small number of iCandy buckles that have broken in use. This can result in the crotch strap coming away from the centre of the buckle. This relates specifically to the Peach 2016 model (Affected batch ranges: A10050-A10057 and A10067-A10070).


We would like to stress that the waist and shoulder harness is not affected. It should also be noted that the likelihood of the buckle failing is extremely low.


When taking into consideration all of the information at our disposal, including reviewing all returns data, testing the products and also performing routine risk assessments, we have taken the decision to offer a replacement buckle and crotch strap, at no cost, to all customers that have products within the affected batch range.


Please locate the serial and batch numbers at the top of your box or on your basket frame, prior to filling in your request form, as you will need this information. We have included a Video on where to locate this at


You will also find the batch and serial numbers on the base board, inside the seat unit, (you will find a velcro strip located at the rear and bottom of the seat). If you have had a replacement seat unit since purchasing your iCandy Peach, please check the base board inside your seat unit for the batch and serial number.


What should consumers do?


Customers should follow the link below for further information or contact Tobil and Co directly. This will help them establish if their product is affected and how to receive a replacement crotch strap and harness buckle directly from us.



Request a replacement



We will post to consumers with product in the affected batch ranges a replacement crotch strap with buckle. The replacement buckle will be new and improved with added strength integrated into the part.


Contact Details: Tobil & Co Pty Ltd, Email, Phone (03) 85552431


We would advise all customers to use the 5-point harness at all times when a child is in the seat unit and ensure that all harness straps are adjusted correctly to suit the age and size of the child.

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