White Peach Art Project: Kealey Farmer

White Peach Art Project: Kealey Farmer

“I’ll paint the whole world silver and gold if I could” was the determined childhood promise that led to a lifetime love affair with art for Kealey Farmer.  The Northants based mixed media artist is now known unequivocally as one of the most impressive, innovative and collectable contemporary British artists on the scene today.   With over 25 years painting, drawing and personal study experience as a predominantly self-taught artist, Kealey’s versatility and authenticity are major contributors to her success.


Having begun her career indulging in strong abstract pieces, dripping with colour and energy – her now signature move towards 3D elements began in 2006. The handmade elements that include glass, diamond dust, Swarovski crystals and finished by the artist herself in resin have become a much-loved fixture within her work and are the key, beautiful elements that can be found across her own White Peach pushchair creation.


iCandy's brief at the start of the art project was for each artist to design, draw or paint upon a white Peach pushchair that draws inspiration from either the joy of play from a child's perspective or, the social-economic themes prevalent in modern-parenting today and Kealey has cleverly pulled both threads together to create a beautiful yet meaningful art piece. Touching upon romance, love, relationships and family themes, Kealey's pushchair is awash with sprayed glitter, glistening gems with finely drawn flowers. Creating a wonderful, love-filled landscape that reflects the unconditional love a new parent feels towards a newborn child whilst also depicting the fresh perspective a child would have looking at the world for the very first time. It is an absorbing, and captivating artwork that draws the viewers eye into a lush floral world.


Farmer's pushchair is finished  with a lovingly created resin heart which is dedicated to Great Ormond Street Hospital's children.


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