We’ve been expecting you Mr Bond…

We’ve been expecting you Mr Bond…

The iconic, British super spy James Bond 007 darted into cinemas last night, with audiences around the world eagerly awaiting the spies 24th big screen adventure in the film ‘Spectre’.


Daniel Craig reprises the role of Bond in his fourth turn as the legendary character. After the success of Skyfall and the franchises 50th Birthday; hype for the new film is at an all-time high. Prepare to be shaken, and stirred by the latest film in the long running movie saga.


However, it is highly likely that Bond will one day look to become a father and be in the market for a high tech pushchair, fit for a spy who day to day deals with exploding pens and jetpacks. As the Definitive luxury pushchair brand, we would love to design Mr Bond his very own luxury pushchair, with plenty of additional extras to give it a licence to thrill. We think Bond and iCandy would be the perfect fit, after all, as a proud British brand with over 80 years of expertise, who better to equip the suave superspy with a pushchair.


Our brief to the iCandy Design Team would be simple, it needs to look sleek and sophisticated as always, whilst carrying an element of mystery, it would also require a raft of ‘Bond worthy’ special features.


For a man who believes the world is not enough, it could be challenging to reach the heights he expects from his very own super pushchair, but as always we would be confident in our creation.


From the Bentley he drove in the books, to the vintage Aston Martin DB5 he made famous in the films, Bond is known for his glamourous and good looking cars. The pushchair would have to mimic such cars, perhaps the lightweight nature of the Raspberry is the perfect place to start when creating Bond his action packed pushchair. What’s more, a man like Bond often finds himself in an array of different surroundings, therefore the Peach All-Terrain’s air filled tyres is a must have for the spy. Moreover, as our most iconic model, the pushchair would have to encompass the shell of a Peach, which has incredible strength and certainly lives up to Mr Bond’s expectations of a sleek looking model.


And what of the optional Extras for the man, which would strictly be for his eyes only. We could conjure up some interesting ideas which would easily keep Bond ahead of the chasing pack when he is out with his baby.


For Agent 007, we could create a hood which adapts to the strength of the sun, we already have a class leading 50 SPF hood, but adaptive sun hoods could be an option for the spy.


The 007 pushchair handlebar would certainly need palm recognition software to ensure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands. Only Bond and his partner could get the stroller to move.


A bond car is also fast, if 007 needed to beat the nursery rush he could activate the turbo system which powers up the wheels and the pushchair would speed past other strollers.


No Bond pushchair would be complete without a heads up display, which identified fastest routes and best places to stop off for a baby friendly bite to eat. Whilst Bond’s iCandy Charlie changing bag could hold a homing device which always knows where the pushchair is at any given time.


Overall, if it came to creating a pushchair fit for the superspy James bond, we believe our brand is the perfect choice. Being the first nursery brand to feature in Top Gear Magazine, the iCandy range is quintessentially British, oozing elegance and the latest technology.


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