The secrets to weight loss revealed- By iCandy fitness expert Korin Nolan

The secrets to weight loss revealed- By iCandy fitness expert Korin Nolan

Happy New Year to all you gorgeous mammas!I hope you’ve had a good start to the year so far. However, if you’re feeling a little less than on top form about your health and fitness, be it due to Christmas indulgences or remaining baby weight, then make sure you check out my latest vlog which breaks down the key to long term weight loss in the most simplest terms - it’s really not that complicated!

I also have an exciting announcement to make at the start of the video! If you’d like to get in touch about future video topics or questions, as promised my contact details are as follows; or of course you can contact me via my Instagram account @thebabybodybootcamp or @korinnolanpilates

Below is an example meal plan of how you may like to consider eating on a daily basis for optimal health, which I believe should always be the primary goal, before weight loss.

I have included vegan and vegetarian options as well as meat options.


The most important meal of the day to literally BREAK-THE -FAST. It’s important not to skip breakfast, as eating regularly will keep your metabolism high and skipping meals will actually slow it down, making it harder to lose weight.

You should always include some form of protein in all your meals, including breakfast (None of those sugary cereals with little nutritional value and zero protein) as this will keep you fuller for longer and if you’re exercising too, will also encourage lean muscle growth.

Breakfast number 1

Porridge, with almond milk (or your favourite dairy free alternative) topped with a handful of mixed nuts and berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Im not vegan or completely dairy free, but I do like to use dairy free alternatives where possible, as I don’t believe dairy to be that healthy for many reasons. In particular milk is pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, is difficult to digest and is believed to increase the risk of numerous cancers.

Breakfast number 2

Two eggs (however you like them) on a slice of rye bread or wheat free alternative with half an avocado and a handful of spinach.

Eggs are a great source of low fat protein and the reason I opt for rye or wheat alternative bread is because wheat raises blood sugar levels, aggravates intestines and can often cause bloating. Rye bread is high in fibre which promotes weight loss. (Although still not advised to be eaten in large quantities). Just be sure to choose a good quality whole grain rye bread, that doesn’t include wheat flour.


For many of us lunch is usually on-the-go, so something quick to prepare or pack up and take with you is essential. There are many ‘healthy’ options to be found out and about these days, but in my opinion, there is still nothing better than making it yourself when possible, in case you get caught out with limited options and so that you know exactly what’s gong in it.

Lunch number 1

Warm Quinoa salad with butternut squash, rocket leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, hemp seeds and cherry tomatoes. Topped with an olive oil and balsamic dressing.

Quiona is a named superfood because of it multi-benefiting health properties. Although it is a carbohydrate, it is also very high in protein too. I like to add extra protein rich ingredients like hemp seeds, which are so nutritious and full of good omega 3’s. Butternut squash and any orange coloured root veg are rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants which are great for anti-ageing and even cancer prevention.

Lunch number 2

Tinned Mackerel with a brown rice salad including tomatoes, spinach and cucumber.

Mackerel is high in healthy omega 3’s. We should have at least three portions of oily fish a week, which even though high in fat, because the fats are good fats, they actually help to break down the bad fats in the body, so don’t be shy to eat them! Brown short grain or brown basmati rice are slow releasing carbohydrates and are the healthiest variety of rice to eat.

Afternoon snack

Protein smoothie made with vegan protein, banana, frozen berries and dairy free milk.

Some say that protein powders are unnecessary, but I personally find that they help me top up my protein intake (the more you exercise, the more protein you need in your diet) and again keep me full until dinner and avoid picking on unhealthy snacks. Be sure to choose a natural protein powder, as many are packed full of sweeteners and unhealthy ingredients. Again, I chose vegan protein, over whey for the same reasons as above with dairy.

Afternoon snack number two

hummus and crudités-Hummus is so easy to make, but if you don’t have time you can buy a good quality organic one. Chick peas are a great vegetarian/vegan source of low fat protein and veggie sticks are full of nutrition.


You may have heard the saying; breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper. This relates to portion size of course over quality of ingredients and makes perfect sense, as the more you consume at the beginning of the day, the longer you have to burn it off.

Dinner number 1

Lemon and herb Chicken breast with green veg, and sweet potato-Chicken is a great source of low fat protein, green veg are packed with antioxidants and fibre, which is essential for weight loss. Like butternut squash, sweet potatoes are also high in beta- carotene and are the healthier variety of potatoes to go for over white potatoes, as they are a slow releasing carbohydrates, which means unlike white potatoes, they do not spike insulin levels quite as dramatically, which can play havoc with weight gain. I generally try to keep my carbohydrate portions low in my evening meals, as they tend to make us feel ‘heavier’ when eaten in large quantities.

Dinner number 2

Tofu and veggie stir fry with soba noodles- Tofu is highly recommended for women especially, when eaten regularly it can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. It also consists of all eight essential amino acids, as well as being an excellent source of iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium and phosphorus. I like to use soba noodles because they are made from buckwheat flour meaning they are wheat free.

And finally, here are the links to the guided meditation apps that I recommend; Headspace


Law of Attraction Mediations

(These are a bit longer, but very relaxing and positive)

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