Moroccan Beef with Tommee Tippee

Moroccan Beef with Tommee Tippee

To celebrate Weaning Week, iCandy has teamed up with Tommee Tippee to bring you and your little one a delicious and nutritional recipe using the Quick Cook Baby Food Maker


The Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker is perfect for parents entering the world of weaning. Suitable for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, you can steam in the steamer basket, blend in the jug, or combine both for a range of textures, from smooth purées to chunky meals.



Moroccan Beef Recipe




The Tommee Tippee Parent Room is full of weaning resources, including top tips on when and how to start introducing textured baby food:


Strange as it may seem, they don’t need to have teeth to chew textured baby food….it’s amazing what those little gums can do!


Where possible, it is now fun to try and include your baby when the rest of the family is eating, so that mealtimes become a social occasion. Most babies are ready for this around 7 months but be guided by your baby before you start introducing textured baby food.


What’s on the menu?


You can still give them the same food you have been pureeing but try adding less liquid or mashing instead of blending so that they still get the taste of banana or carrot that they love but with a coarser texture.


You can now introduce much more variety for example;

  • Mashed up lean meat or poultry
  • Mashed lentils or chick peas
  • Full fat milk products, such as cottage cheese or yogurt
  • Mashed up white (e.g. cod) or oily (e.g. fresh salmon) fish
  • Well-cooked eggs

Read the full article on How to Start Introducing Textured Baby Food.




You could be in with the chance of winning the ultimate weaning accessories thanks to iCandy and Tommee Tippee.  


iCandy will be giving away the Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker, cutlery and tableware to one lucky winner, whilst Tommee Tippee has the multi-functional iCandy MiChair up for grabs.


Comprising modular components that can be rearranged as and when a different configuration is needed, the iCandy MiChair meets the demands of the modern parent, all whilst maintaining its stylish and minimalist aesthetic. The design of the iCandy MiChair ensures dirt has no place to get trapped on any surface, whilst the hygienic tray is also dishwasher safe making cleaning effortless.


Head over to the iCandy World Instagram and the Tommee Tippee Instagram to enter and to be in with a chance of winning.  


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