The iCandy Ride-on Board in Seville

The iCandy Ride-on Board in Seville

Neha Holmes, Freelance Journalist and mother of two is a lover of travel and is determined to explore the world with her children in tow. The family's most recent trip was to the sun soaked capital of Southern Spain with their holiday essentials- the iCandy Peach All-Terrain and Ride-on Board. In this week's blog Neha fills us in on the bijou city of Seville and how the off-road pushchair and its innovative accessory fared in the beautiful metropolis...


Having baby number two in the Spring of last year was an overwhelming experience. Even though I found motherhood to be a sheer delight, dealing with the unrelenting demands of a newborn, managing toddler tantrums and spinning plates, whilst being completely sleep-deprived was tough. But things got easier and once I started to find my own rhythm, I started to remember what life was like before our second child arrived. Ah yes, travel, lots of it.


After years of adventures in his iCandy Peach All-Terrain, our first-born Rayan had completely outgrown his beloved pushchair. At 3 years old he can walk for a while exploring in the forest, looking up at tall buildings in the city and confidently alongside us, but he still needs help when he’s tired and when he can’t rest, he will complain (even after about 3 energy boosting snacks).


And so, with baby Tarun comfortably enjoying his new Peach All-Terrain pushchair we were delighted to hear of iCandy’s new offering for toddlers, the Ride-on Board.


With the anti-slip platform fixed onto the back of the Peach’s basket frame, the baby in the seat unit and the toddler safely standing on the platform within the handlebar space, we were ready to take on our first adventure as a family of four.


The southern Spanish gem of Seville, known for its many festivals, Moorish architectural beauty and hip-swivelling flamenco has long been on the list of places to visit.


 A colour filled family adventure with the iCandy Peach All-Terrain


Seville is small enough to walk around. The city is filled with narrow cobbled streets, flower-filled patios, and quaint little squares. The Peach All-Terrain being solid could tackle almost any surface with ease and the Ride-on Board was sturdy giving us confidence that no one was getting tossed about or worse still, flying out.


Getting lost wandering through the city soon became our favourite pastime, stumbling across beautiful sights like the largest wooden structure in the world – Metropol Parasol and Parque Maria Luisa with its shady avenues and architecturally stunning Plaza de España, a vast semi-circular building dating from the 1929 Expo.


Rayan was loving his new view. Enthusiastically waving to passers-by, pointing out the many orange trees in sight and having endless little chats with Mummy and Daddy made him feel very safe and secure in a new city. And baby Tarun, all the while cooing from his comfortably padded Peach All-Terrain seat unit.


Our resting spot, the Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento, by the banks of the Guadalquivir river was the perfect place to stay with two lively children. A luxury family hotel close to the city and Isla Mágica, an amusement park filled with white-knuckle rides, shows and swimming pools. Sight-seeing throughout the day and then returning to enjoy a swim in the hotel pool added to the allure. And the walk to and from the hotel, across the river and through the hipster haven that is La Alameda was a perfect start and end to the day. Easily done on foot thanks to the Peach All-Terrain and the peace it brought us having no complaints from the children.


Seville didn’t fail to charm and seduce us with its fabulous food, extraordinary architecture and history which oozed through every street we walked along. Whoever said your lifestyle would have to completely change now that you have children ought to have a rethink. For now we will stick to Dr.Seuss and his ideas of adventures just over the horizon. We’ll just pack our bags again, set up the iCandy Peach All-Terrain and tell the children "Oh the places you’ll go"…




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