iCandy Orange - Ready for Comfort

iCandy Orange - Ready for Comfort


Paul Walker, Head of Product at iCandy, offers expert tips on choosing the perfect pushchair.

Paul Walker - Head of Product

The Design Process

What are the key considerations first-time parents need to think about when buying a pram/pushchair?


A pushchair is not only an extension of personal style but of course it has to be practical too. For instance, with the iCandy Orange, the stretch diamond design within the premium fabrics achieves a sophisticated aesthetic, whilst providing all-important padding for baby’s comfort.


My top tip is to look at the maximum weight the pushchair can hold. Bigger babies, plus infants staying in prams for longer, mean a greater maximum weight will stand the test of time for you and your baby. Don’t forget to look at the basket size and load capacity too.

Sophisticated aesthetic

All-important padding


Can a pushchair fit into my existing lifestyle?


Family life is different for everyone and that means different priorities when it comes to the perfect pushchair. Look at the key selling points of a pushchair that will be important to your lifestyle – for instance if you use the bus, a freestanding fold will be important and of course if you can fold the pushchair one handed then that’s a brilliant bonus too. Would grandparents be able to use it easily – are key functionality areas obvious and in a different colour like the iCandy Orange? These are practicalities that you will thank the designers for!


If you lead an active lifestyle, there’s no reason why your pram can’t join you. The iCandy Orange has excellent suspension as well as an optimised tread on the tyres, so the pushchair can handle off-road exploring as well as it can getting up and down the urban kerb.


Orange chassis - freestanding, compact fold

Orange wheels - ready to take on any terrain

Should I buy for just the one baby or think to the future?


Look for a pram that can be easily converted should you choose to grow your family. The great thing about a convertible pushchair is that it can be used interchangeably between one or two children so it’s an economical option for first-time parents who plan to have a second child soon after baby number one. An integrated Ride-on Board offers future peace of mind too– you won’t even notice the Ride-on Board on the iCandy Orange as it maintains the footprint of the pushchair and has a streamlined silhouette which follows the curves of the pushchair frame.


Darker colours are often better to wipe clean, whereas accessories such as parasols, changing bags and footmuffs can add a bit of individual style.


Look for a pushchair with a good re-sale value. You may pay more originally, but with some brands fetching as much as 50% on re-sale, you could be getting more for your money long-term.

The iCandy Orange in Double

Integrated Ride-on Board & 64l basket

How will pushchair design innovation affect me?


Innovation is what makes life with your pram easy. From a huge basket to a carrycot that is suitable for permanent overnight sleeping, a pushchair like the iCandy Orange is designed to make day to day life easier.


The good news is that pushchairs are constantly being innovated thanks to product testing and parent feedback, so I would always suggest looking for a brand that is well known and also offers service options so that your pushchair can be given a clean and health check after lots of use or before the arrival of a new addition. It’s helpful if you offer feedback via reviews  too as this could be beneficial to future parents!


Carrycot suitable for permanent overnight sleeping

iCandy Service



Take our quiz to find out how the iCandy Orange can fit your family’s lifestyle!

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