Family in full blossom

Family in full blossom

In our ever expanding expert section, we now take great delight in unveiling our latest guest feature, twin blogger Katy Walton.

Katy, who also contributes on the Baby Website and co-wrote the book Twins, attracted widespread national attention when it was revealed she was due to give birth to a further set of twins. The mirror coined her the “super-ovulator” after conceiving a pair of twins for the second time.  We are delighted that Katy will now contribute monthly to this webpage as one of our experts, providing an insight to living with two pairs of twins. This unique story is one we hope not only iCandy users, but parents around the world will enjoy.

Now established as the twin pushchair brand, we are ecstatic that Katy has chosen iCandy, like many other parents the functionality of the pushchair was a key reason behind her selection. Each month Katy will provide an update on how she is getting on with her iCandy Peach Blossom in twin mode, along with tales of life with husband Ross as they juggle day to day tasks with two sets of twins.

We hope you enjoy the couples articles, for now we have a very brief introduction from Katy, who will be sharing her first blog post in the next few weeks.

“I am Mum to two sets of twins (four gorgeous boys) and married to an exceedingly handsome husband - who I met when he rather conveniently moved in next door! Ross is step-father extraordinaire to the big boys and a wonderful father to the little ones.”

I co-authored a book on Twins and called one of my six year old twins Noah, so it was perhaps inevitable that subsequent conceptions would assume they were Ark-bound and arrive two by two.

Aubrey and Austin, the big -twins little-twin brothers, were born in April and I am getting to grips with life as a multiple Mum.

I am under-slept and living on caffeine and love, and most days I wouldn’t change it for the world!  I cant wait to share my stories with the iCandy community and see how this crazy adventure will unfold.

If you wish to follow Katy's adventures further, please feel free to follow her on both Instagram and Twitter.

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