Dads for Change

Dads for Change

We are delighted to cast the spotlight upon the growing popularity of the Dad Network. Al Ferguson, the founder of the Dad Network is causing real change on the high streets close to you.Pledging for a change in attitude from the retail sector with regards to the nursery market; the Dad Network is taking on the big brands on behalf of fathers across the UK. Challenging stereotypes and outdated beliefs, the Dad Network is on a mission to bring the Great British high street in line with the fathers of the 21st Century.

Armed with a concealed camera and his baby boy Ted, Al went undercover and visited a number of common high street venues such as Pizza Express and Café Nero. His mandate was simple, discover how child friendly the changing facilities were for a father in need of attending to a child. Al had long noticed the dilemma that a father would face, with there often being nowhere to take their child should they require changing. The majority of changing bays for babies are located in the female toilets, whilst male facilities are often neglected by some well-known high street names. Click here to view Al going undercover to evaluate the state of affairs regarding changing facilities for dads in his local town. The Dad Network is passionate about attaining equal rights for both maternal and paternal parties. This common oversight on changing facilities is something Al is extremely passionate about.

“What on earth is going on? If we’re serious about this whole equality thing (and I’m very serious about parental equality) then things have got to change. There have got to be safe, clean places for dads to change their baby’s nappy when they’re out and about, as a basic parental right. If establishments want our custom, they need to provide the correct service.”

This issue of baby changing facilities for dads is something that has not been addressed for many years, and the Dad network is the driving force behind the crusade for change. The #Dadsforchange campaign has already yielded some positive results, with a number of establishments such as Strada pledging to address this common oversight.

The video created by Al has since grabbed the attention of news readers, parents, and the stores themselves who have pledged to look into the concerns raised by Al. The public can join in and help the Dad Network by identifying which places feature dad friendly changing facilities, by using this crafty map.

The map places a pin on the establishments which address the concerns and have equal changing room rights, whilst naming those which do not.

The Dad network is growing each year, Al is always at the forefront of bringing dads to the centre stage, with his philosophy being that dads can do more than just babysit in the absence of a mother. It is an outdated acceptance that fathers are not as involved with the upbringing of the child, and are mainly used to look after the children when the mother needs a break. It is this dated mentality which the Dad Network looks to challenge, placing dad’s in the limelight and showing how they are equal partners alongside the mother when bringing up a child.

Whilst the Dad Network is predominantly aimed at the fathers of the world, it does cater to both parents. Al, who along with this endeavour is currently fighting for equal paternity leave, has recently featured on Sky News and the BBC. What’s more, Al has now become a full time blogger, leaving his job as a School Teacher to focus solely on the issues that affect dads on a day to day basis. We wish the Dad Network all the best for future, and are delighted to see their work getting recognised across the UK.

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