Celebrating Dad Style this Father’s Day with Bradley Cooper and Ronan Keating

Celebrating Dad Style this Father’s Day with Bradley Cooper and Ronan Keating

Happy Father’s Day! An occasion where we get to shout out and celebrate the many great fathers around the world


Fathers are important for so many reasons, not least because they are responsible for coining many famous cultural terms such as the “Dad bod” which have become popular references for millennials. A large number of great fathers are currently representing the dad bod with pride. However, you can no longer pigeonhole a father into any particular category, we are long past the stage of fathers being typically clueless when it comes to fashion and modern trends.  We have so many types of dads now. It is really dependent on the personality of a father, a notion that we are more than aware of when creating our pushchairs. For instance, we also have the “tech dad”, a father who knows all about the latest technology in the world, knows his way around social media, and owns the latest gadgets whilst knowing what a dab is. This Father’s Day we want to focus on “dad style”, a term reserved for those fathers who demonstrate that being a parent doesn’t mean you have to lose all sense of personal identity. Celebrity dads often fall into this category, with two high profile male celebrities currently promoting dad style with their pushchair selection and helping make the iCandy brand even more renowned!


New dad Ronan Keating has recently been spotted with the very popular Peach pushchair in butterscotch, which simply oozes style and is well suited to the summertime, especially when complimented by an eye catching outfit. Ronan absolutely nails the “Dad style” angle; the singer is wearing stone coloured chinos, along with crisp white trainers, and completes his new dad look with an unbuttoned Denim shirt. Ronan has coupled this trendy ensemble with a timeless pair of sunglasses, looking very relaxed next to his pushchair of choice, the iCandy Peach. Ronan makes fatherhood look simple and smart, he could easily be heading to an important meeting, or getting ready for a red carpet event. Ronan and his wife Storm welcomed their first child back in March this year. The Boy band legend who found fame as the face of Boyzone before becoming a popular solo artist, effortlessly showcases how a dad can dress for the summer, and how the right pushchair can really complement a father’s individual persona.


Meanwhile, across the pond in the USA, iCandy has been spotted in the possession of international power couple Bradley Cooper and his supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk. The Hollywood heavyweight, whose leading man status ensures he is a style icon for many fathers around the world, complimented his interpretation of dad style with the ever popular man bun. For sleep deprived fathers who may well have long hair, Bradley demonstrates how to make parenting not only look stylish, but super laid back. Bradley, who is always in the spotlight, sports a typically carefree Los Angeles look. It also helps that the couple are using one of the most exclusive of iCandy pushchairs, one which fits with their A-List profile. The pushchair of choice for the famous couple is from the iCandy Peach Designer Collection, this limited edition version of the iconic Peach pushchair is reserved for parents wanting a truly distinctive experience and look. A Designer Collection pushchair, like all iCandy creations, is created with core principles of innovation, quality and design being paramount throughout the creative process. The Designer Collection builds upon these core values and goes one step further to deliver a truly striking pushchair which is indistinguishable from anything else within the industry. In a part of the world where a celebrity must always look the part, the Designer Collection Peach is the perfect pushchair of choice for a Leading Hollywood man who happens to be a father as well. The fact that stylish fathers such as Bradley Cooper and Ronan Keating are pushing an iCandy pushchair is a huge endorsement for iCandy’s team of British designers. Our team of Designers work all year round in an effort to ensure that an iCandy product becomes an extension of a parent’s personal sense of style.


A Designer Collection Peach pushchair from iCandy is something truly unique, a pushchair which will only be available in limited quantity, thus adding an extra element of exclusivity and desirability to the stroller. The Peach Designer Collection is not simply restricted to one off fabrics, everything on the Peach pushchair is reworked, from bespoke suspension, to elegant touches throughout the aesthetics of the pushchair which creates a head turning look, fitting for a Hollywood couple in the public eye. The latest Designer Collection is currently available for pre-order on the iCandy store, and will no doubt attract fashion conscious parents looking for the ultimate in pushchair exclusivity.


Both Bradley Cooper and Ronan Keating are helping bring dad style to the masses, proving that parenting is no longer an end to individual style. Whether you be a Hollywood leading man, or pop star royalty, iCandy always have you covered for both style and practicality.


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