Caroline Watson and the iCandy Peach #MyiCandyStyle

Caroline Watson and the iCandy Peach #MyiCandyStyle

The iCandy Peach has been a huge success since its arrival on the high street, in that time our iCandy parents who formed part of the #MyiCandystyle campaign have been getting to grips with their pushchair. Read on to discover more about how Caroline is getting on post birth...

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi my name is Caroline Watson , Celebrity Stylist ,Influencer , Founder of Caroline Watson London and Mummy to Brooklyn and Beau.

  • How has having your second baby effected your sense of style post birth? Eg: breast feeding? How do you find maternity-fashion?

I have always kept my wardrobe pretty classic and timeless. I have a lot of investment pieces which I wear time and time again, which I mix in with t shirts and jumpers. I tend to wear a lot of black, I just love it. I love a great classic coat or structured jacket and skinny black jeans. My sense of style hasn’t changed much since having Beau, the only thing I would wear more now are flats as I can’t run around so much in heels anymore.

  • How have you found the fourth trimester this time round with your second baby?

It’s crazy ! Now that I have two children to take care of but it works! Its all about balance really! Some days you literally have about ten minutes to yourself. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  • How have you managed to juggle work with having a new born in tow? Do you find juggling work and a new born is tough, especially as a freelance stylist?

When I had my daughter I was on tour, constantly travelling from country to country. She just came along and fitted into tour life really easily. She would come to set for fittings and watch performances on stage, it was great to have her share that experience with me. With my son I do exactly the same . My clients are really amazing like that !


  • Do you feel your followers have changed since having beau? Do you have more mum followers?

Yes it has for sure ! I still have my hardcore followers who I adore and they are so supportive with everything I do but I’m also gaining a whole new audience of mummy followers who are just the best! Some will ask about fashion advice or simply want to know how to juggle having kids and running your own business.

  • How important is it for you to have a stylish pushchair?

Very important. I like to have things that reflect my personality and style, and the iCandy Peach definitely does that for me.

  • Is functionality and ease of use important to you especially when you are travelling with the kids?

Yes it is the number one thing that I look for when I travel. It needs to be easy to put together or fold down in 2 mins, it also needs to be quite robust and sturdy too.

  • What do you love out the New Peach?

I love the new iCandy Peach because it has all the characteristics I look for in a stroller. It stylish, versatile and it’s a home away from home for my baby.


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