My iCandy Style - Innovation

My iCandy Style - Innovation

Innovation is a crucial component of each and every iCandy design, parents want and deserve the very best in their pushchair. Our iCandy Peach is the perfect example of innovation, it perfectly illustrates everything that we stand for in one all-encompassing model. The original idea behind the Peach pushchair was to offer parents a modern travel system solution, an answer to the key questions from parents around the world. In the early days of iCandy, we explored different ways in which to demonstrate this, be it the Cherry, or the original Apple. However, it wasn’t until the inception of the first Peach in 2009 that we fully explored this notion. Utilising a blend of high-end fabrics and innovations which appealed to both mothers & fathers alike, the iCandy Peach sparked a revolution in the nursery industry. In a constant state of evolution since, the iCandy Peach has firmly underlined its capabilities as the ultimate parenting companion. Passion, sweat and tears go in to every creation, until we are certain it will enrich every life it touches.


The Peach campaign focuses on the four areas which have become key to the product since its launch in 2009- Heritage, Innovation, Style and Quality. Over the coming weeks,. We will be sharing these four ideals through the parenting journey of real iCandy parents. Today the focus is on the topic of innovation.

Our pushchairs are designed in the UK to ensure absolute perfection and unrivalled style. When choosing iCandy, you’re not just buying a pushchair – you’re guaranteeing the utmost in quality, safety and functionality. It’s taken many years of advanced development and relentless testing for us to become such a beacon of Great British ingenuity and design. Such dedication to creating innovative pushchairs has recently been recognised in the form of a Queens Award for innovation. Only the very best of British design can achieve this feat, it’s the highest honour British business can attain. The Queens Award for Innovation is a huge testament to the work of iCandy, it underlines the long term innovative thinking and development of our products.


Innovation arrives in many forms, it can symbolise the innovation of design such as the iCandy Peach pushchair, or it can arrive in the form of an individual, someone who is innovative in their thinking and appearance. Sammi Jefcoate is an extremely popular video blogger on Instagram and YouTube. Sammi demonstrates clear innovation with her unique body art, and modern fashion taste. Representing the more experimental parents out there, Sammi is also the owner of a fashion label, emphasising her status as someone with innovative ideas. The iCandy Peach is the perfect complement to Sammi and her family, it mirrors her personal beliefs and unique lifestyle. Sammi relies on the Peach day to day in order to manage her workload and make parenting that little bit easier, whether this be through the elevators meaning she doesn’t require a highchair, or the handy storage pockets on the back of the seat unit for valuable items. Innovation is a fundamental reason for the continued success and popularity of the iCandy Peach, with over 60 modifications this time around, we refuse to rest on their laurels and vow to stay ahead of the curve. If you want to recreate Sammi's iCandy style, visit our Peach visualiser and create the Dove Grey fabrics on a chrome frame.

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