Pre-Loved Prams & Pushchairs

iCandy manufacturer refurbished pushchairs are products which have been returned to us and which are then put through a rigorous safety and quality check and full refurbishing process before being sold only through our official website.

How we grade the condition of iCandy Pre-Loved Pushchairs ...

We grade our refurbished products into 3 categories:

iCandy Preloved
iCandy Pre-Loved Grade A 'As new'
As close as possible to new condition.
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Grade "a" stock
iCandy Pre-Loved Grade B 'Travelled'
Light signs of use or minor cosmetic imperfections.
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Grade "b" stock
iCandy Pre-Loved Grade C 'Well Travelled'
Medium to moderate signs of use or cosmetic imperfections.
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Grade "c" stock

How we grade our reconditioned pushchairs

  • Pre-service inspection

    General inspection

    Overall product evaluation - Each product is inspected and evaluated to ensure that it's a worthy candidate for the full pre-loved service treatment. A cosmetic and operational analysis is performed before we move on to our detailed safety checks.

  • Safety checks

    Harness inspection

    Buckle operation checks, harness fabric evaluation

    Brake inspection

    Parking device engagement and release checks

    Wheel inspection

    Wheel engagement and release checks, swivel lock checks

    Handle bar inspection

    Operational handle engagement checks, defect evaluation

    Chassis inspection

    Fold and unfold operational checks

    Seat unit inspection

    Engagement and release checks, recline mechanism checks, fabric evaluation

    Additional component inspection

    Hood and bumper bar engagement and release checks, general condition evaluation

  • Operational servicing

    Wheel servicing

    Internal and external wheel surfaces are cleaned

    Tyre check and servicing

    Tyre surface cleaned and any surface debris removed, tyres treated with tyre foam

    Brake and axle servicing

    Internal components are removed; cleaned and new lubrication is added before replacing

    Moving part servicing

    Moving parts are cleaned and new lubrication is added

    Damage part replacement

    Review any damaged components and replace if necessary

    Harness servicing

    Harness fabrics cleaned and aligned, harness pads replaced if necessary

  • Aesthetics and Hygiene Servicing

    Chassis frame servicing

    Full hand clean of chassis frame including polishing

    Chassis plastic servicing

    All chassis plastics cleaned and treated with back to black

    Chassis aesthetics inspection

    Chassis is visually checked for scratches, dents or logo damage and then categorised

    Chassis alignment inspection

    Chassis is visually inspected to check the alignment of all aspects of the chassis

    Small component servicing

    Rivets, springs, screws etc are checked for damage or erosion and replaced if necessary

    Handle bar servicing

    Handle grips cleaned and checked for defects

    Fabric servicing

    Fabrics removed and brush cleaned to remove and surface dirt

    Fabric cleaning

    Fabrics are inspected and spot cleaned

    Steam cleaning

    Fabrics are sanitised by steam cleaning at 140 degrees

    Missing component replacement

    Missing items such as bumper bars and raincovers will be replaced

  • Post-service inspection

    Final inspection

    Repeat of overall product evaluation - Once the pre-loved service treatment is complete the product is inspected one final time to ensure that the service is of a premium standard and that nothing has been missed. Once our technicians are happy then the product will be lovingly packaged ready for dispatch to its new home.

iCandy Pre Loved

What warranty will I receive with iCandy Pre-Loved?

  • - Category A: 2 Year Warranty
  • - Category B: 1 Year Warranty
  • - Category C: 6 Months Warranty

Buying a pushchair for your baby is a special moment! iCandy never accept barriers or limitations, and are never satisfied until what we believe feels right. This is why we probe, push, pull, bite and crash our way through up to nine sets of international standards.

The warranty covers the following elements:

All manufacturing faults on the chassis, seat unit framework, and wheels

  • - All manufacturing faults on adaptors (seat frame adaptors, carrycot adaptors, car seat adaptors and convertor brackets)
  • - Zippers and touch fasteners (manufacturing fault only)
  • - All harness straps (manufacturing fault only)
  • - All fabric seams (manufacturing fault only)
  • - Colour fastness of all fabrics (manufacturing fault only)

What your warranty does not cover:

  • - Normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and damage caused by improper use, negligence, misuse or by not following the maintenance instructions
  • - In case of use or purpose other than described in the instruction manual
  • - If the product is submitted for repair through a retailer / distributor that is not approved or authorised by us
  • - If repairs have been carried out by third parties or a retailer who is not authorised or approved by us
  • - If the product serial number has been removed
  • - If your chassis becomes faulty after or during use with a buggy board or any other accessory that has not been approved by iCandy
  • - Corrosion or rust on the wheels, chassis and other metal components due to environmental conditions including humidity, salt spray, ice or snow or due to poor maintenance
  • - Damage to handle bar foam and bumper bar foam as a result of normal use Tyre punctures
  • - Airline or transport damage. When travelling, immediately check your iCandy product(s) after they have been handled by a transporter (i.e. baggage handlers) and report any damage directly to them
  • - If you feel that there is a problem with your iCandy product(s) then please contact iCandy World Customer Services.

Why should I buy an iCandy Pre-Loved?

When purchasing a pre-loved travel system from iCandy or brand new, you can remain safe in the knowledge that your pushchair has been put through the same full extensive pre-service inspection of each product with full safety checks, operational servicing, aesthetics and hygiene servicing and post-service inspection from the team of iCandy technical specialists.

Therefore, depending on the Grade of Pre-Loved you choose, each purchase will also carry a level of warranty starting from 6 months.

That is our promise to you.

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