Katy Walton is back with a tale from her latest adventure involving life with two sets of twin boys.

Katy Walton is back with a tale from her latest adventure involving life with two sets of twin boys. Due to the recent expansion of the family, Katy and Ross relocated to a new home suitable for their larger than average household, the house will be called The Ark as most of the occupants arrived two by two! Here is the second part of Katy’s story…

We did it, we moved house with two six year olds, two three month olds, and Mumford the grumpy cat.

It was the hottest day of the year and vaccination week, but sometimes parenting mountains turn out to be mole hills and the whole thing wasn't actually that bad - possibly more stressful for the removals men who kept encountering me breastfeeding amongst the packing boxes! For everyone's sanity the little twins and I retreated to the big twins' top bunk with a coffee and watched memories being packed up and carried into the van en route to Wiltshire.

Our iCandy Peach played a starring role in keeping stress to a minimum during Operation Relocate; the babies slept in the lie flat carrycots for the last night in the old house and first night in the new abode; negating the need to wrestle with travel cots and leaving us free to focus on assembling our beautiful wooden nursery cots.

The iCandy carrycots and chassis fold down flat, super useful when our car increasingly has to take on the role of a Tardis! Travelling with two sets of twins has the potential to be supremely stressful, but our trusty Maxi Cosi car seats fix easily onto the Peach chassis with iCandy adapters. This meant we could hop in and out of the car hassle free; especially important for exploring the new Twin HQ where locating parks and coffee shops were top of my priority list!

The iCandy Peach as a tandem pushchair with the same footprint as a single pushchair is extremely useful when navigating around packed boxes and negotiating doorways – and getting down the path to our gorgeous new front door!

We haven't quite got to the bottom of unpacking boxes but each inhabitant of The Ark has been reunited with their favourite belongings and seems to be settling in nicely; footballs and colouring pens for the big twins, brothers and boobs for the babies, guitar for Ross and chintzy tea sets and red nail varnish for me.

It's easy to get lost in the large amount of chaos four little sons create, but kissing them all good night on that first evening in the new home was a magic reminder of all the adventures and firsts yet to take place behind the green front door we now get to call home.  

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