What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

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1 year ago

After nine months, it’s an exciting time when it finally comes to planning your hospital trip. Even if you aren’t planning on having a hospital birth, things can go wrong, so it is always best to have a bag packed just in case.

It’s good to have a bag (or 2) packed by the time you get to around 33 weeks, so that everything is in place for whenever baby decides to make an appearance. Take a look at our guide on what to pack in your hospital bag:


  • Your birth plan and maternity notes – these are the first things the midwife will want to see when you go into labour.
  • Dressing gown – early labour often involves pacing around hospital corridors, so it is much better to do that in a warm and comfortable dressing gown.
  • Slippers – again, if you are walking up and down the corridors of a hospital you want to keep your feet clean and warm.
  • Nightdress or large t-shirt – you will want to wear something comfy while in labour, and you will need something that isn’t too restrictive. It is likely to get messed up though, so don’t buy something new especially.
  • Snacks – labour can take a very long time, and hospital food isn’t always available when you need it. Take some snacks and drinks along with you and think about food that will give you energy.
  • Hairbands and clips – if you have long hair, then the last thing you want is for it to get in your face when you are in the middle of labour
  • Music – if you find music to be calming, then this could be very useful for you in hospital. Don’t rely on the hospital having music players though, take your iPod with you, with a pre-prepared playlist of songs on.
  • Distractions – labour can be long and boring, so make sure you take enough things with you to keep you as distracted as possible. Magazines and books are great, or if you have a tablet computer then the world is your oyster.
  • Disposable underwear – you never know how fast you could go through them during and after labour.
  • Washbag – as you could be in hospital overnight, it’s a good idea to take your toothbrush and any other toiletries you need in a washbag.

After the Birth

  • A loose outfit – you need to take some loose and comfortable clothing with you to wear after the birth and for the journey home.
  • Bras – nursing bras will be important if you are planning on breast-feeding, so take two or three with you.
  • Phone and camera – once your baby is born, you will most likely want to take lots of pictures and let everyone know. Don’t forget the chargers too!
  • Loose fitting tops – these will be comfortable and make breastfeeding a whole lot easier.
  • Baby clothes – once your baby has entered the world, they will need some clothes to put on. As they have so little hair, make sure you bring them a hat too.
  • Nappies – newborn babies can go through as many as 12 nappies a day, so bring a pack or two.
  • Car seat – the majority of hospitals won’t let you leave in a car unless you have brought an approved car seat with you.

Extras That Could Make all the Difference

Now we have covered the main essentials for your hospital bag, here are a few things that could make all the difference while you are in hospital:

  • Glasses – if you wear contact lenses then they could become dry very quickly in the hospital and irritate your eyes. Take a pair of glasses with you so that you can put them on if you need to.
  • Towels – the hospital will have towels, but they won’t be the thick luxurious ones you are used to at home, so bringing a couple will be an extra comfort.
  • Hairbrush – after labour you may feel exhausted and sweaty, and just being able to brush your hair could make all the difference, especially when there are lots of photos being taken.
  • Oils – many women love being massaged during labour, so ask your partner to bring some oils to help you relax.

Preparing for the trip that will change your life forever is incredibly exciting, so it is good to be prepared and make sure that the experience is as comfortable as you can possibly make it. Check out the new iCandy range of bags as both The Verity and The Charlie would make ideal hospital bags!




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