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1 year ago

Wearable technology is becoming more and more mainstream every day, with Google Glasses and high tech watches featured regularly in the news. Now wearable technology is no longer in it’s infancy, it has reached our homes, and more importantly, our children.

It can be very scary being a parent, especially when it comes to putting your baby down for a nap and leaving them for a while or letting your little one out of the house to play when they are old enough to not need constant supervision.

With this new and exciting wearable technology, parents should now be able to breathe a little easier and relax in the knowledge that their children are safe:


The Owlet Smart Sock is a little baby bootie that can monitor both your baby’s heart rate and their oxygen levels. While your baby is asleep, it can measure the quality of their sleep, how warm they are and alert if you if your baby moves around at night.

Using any device that has a browser, parents are then able to check up on their baby’s real-time statistics and find out whether their baby is comfortable, has a fever or has an unusually fast heartbeat.

The Owlet Smart Sock uses a removable sensor in a pair of washable socks, meaning your baby will always have safe and hygienic monitoring through their foot. Hospitals have used these monitoring systems for years to check patient’s vital signs, but only now are parents able to use the systems for themselves from their own home.


The Mimo onesie is a baby monitor that your child can wear as it sleeps. Just like the Owlet Smart Sock, the Mimo monitors your baby’s temperature, breathing, and movement, though it doesn’t yet track heart rate.

The cotton kimono is fitted with machine-washable sensors, that help to measure your baby’s respiration and, combined with the Mimo Turtle, monitors body position, activity level and temperature.

All the data is sent to the Mimo Lilypad Base Station using Bluetooth and is then accessible using the Mimo app on an iPhone or Android device. The base station is Wi-Fi compatible and also contains a microphone so that audio can be streamed straight through to the parent’s phone.


Educational toy manufacturer LeapFrog has recently unveiled their own wearable wristband for children. It works in a similar way that Nike’s Fuelband does and tracks your child’s activity levels.

The band encourages children to keep moving around and comes with 50 different games and challenges that they can get involved with. In return for doing physical tasks, the wearer is given game points, which they can then use to raise a virtual pet.

Combining both computerised games and physical activity; the LeapBand can encourage learning and exploration from the safety of their own home. This wristband is great for daytime wear and will hopefully encourage children to be more active.


This GPS smartwatch allows parents to keep track of where their children are from the comfort of their home or even from work. The device, which is not yet available in the UK, has a built in location-tracker and can accurately detect where your child is.

Featuring just two buttons, children can call one of five pre-set numbers using one button, or alert parents of an emergency by holding down the second button. The emergency button will initiate a voice recording and call each of the five pre-set numbers in turn while sending regular geo-location updates.

Another great feature of this smartwatch is that it allows parents to set a safe zone, so that if the child goes outside that zone they will be alerted. They can then call their child using a companion smartphone app.

This device is great for those parents who are not yet comfortable with their children playing outside alone.



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