Top Tips for Taking Your Baby Swimming

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1 year ago

If you want to turn your little one into a water baby, then it’s time to take them swimming. Sometimes just leaving the house to do some shopping can feel like a challenge when you have a baby, so swimming may seem daunting to some parents.

Swimming is a great activity though that will help you bond, improve your baby’s confidence and get them used to water at an early age. Swimming should be a fun and memorable experience, so check out our tips on taking your baby for a swim:

Start With the Bath

Bathing your baby is usually a nice experience and having fun with water should start here. You can either have a bath with them, and let them rest against you, or sit next to the bath when they are in it and talk to them reassuringly. Give them plenty of toys to play with and let them splash around.

Swimsuits and Nappies

The majority of pools will just let your little one in the water with a swimming nappy on; you can buy disposable ones or a pack of reusable ones that can be washed. Some people do recommend doubling up just to prevent any unwanted leaks.

Many mums choose the Spashabout “Happy Nappy”, which fits very snugly for swimming. In terms of swimming costumes you could either a choose a simple swimsuit style or go for a baby wetsuit


Changing is a big part of going swimming, as you don’t want anyone having to get in the car with wet clothes on. Before you head to the pool or leisure centre, it is worth giving them a call or checking their website to see what their changing facilities are like.

Some pools have family changing rooms and some have unisex changing rooms, which is good if you want to go swimming with your partner and need someone to help while you all get changed. The best thing to do is put swimming costumes on at home under your clothes, so when you get there getting in the pool is easy.

In the Pool

Babies can get cold quite easily when they are swimming, so make sure you choose a leisure centre that has a warmer baby pool for you to both to go in. Start off with only a ten minute session so that your baby gets used to the pool and all the other people around them.

If they seem scared to start with, then you can always sit at the side and just let them watch before actually getting into the pool. When they make their first dip into the water, make sure you talk calmly to them and give them a big reassuring smile.

Swim Classes

A great way to get your baby into regular swimming is to join a baby swim class. Here you will be able to meet other babies and parents and get your baby used to being submerged in water.

These classes are great fun for both parent and baby, and are also a great way to meet other mums and dads. You can usually find the swim classes at leisure centres or private pools in your area – just have a look online.

Post Swim

It is easy for babies to get chilled once they come out of the swimming pool, so make sure you wrap them up tight in a warm, snuggly towel. You can get some great towels with hoods to keep their heads warm too.

Swimming makes everyone hungry, so make sure you have time to give your baby a feed or a snack when you come out of the water. Some leisure centres have cafes, so check the facilities before you go.



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