The Positive Effects Technology Can Have on Children

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1 year ago

When we think about the ever-evolving world of technology and how our children interact with it, it is easy to think solely of the negative impacts and the risks that come with it.

There are, however, some great advantages to using technology, and it can have some really positive effects on children:

Skill Development

When your child is fully immersed in a video game, they are actually developing and practising some core, and complex, skills. Scientists have found that children who regularly play games have sharper vision and better reaction times than those that don’t. They also found them to be better at multitasking and less easily distracted in their day-to-day life.

Though playing video games should definitely be done in moderation, it can help children to develop higher levels of creativity and be more resourceful and determined in life.

Identity and Self Expression

Technology can help to give children a sense of belonging and allows them to express themselves, especially when it comes to online communities and social networks. As children grow up, they can test out their values and identity online and find a place where they fit in.

Some children can find it hard to come out of their shell and struggle to make friends, but technology provides a place for them to meet like-minded people and make friends that they can relate to and share interests with.


Technology is a fantastic resource in terms of education. With documents, spreadsheets, search engines and dictionaries just a click away, children have plenty of research tools to help them learn and solve problems, while developing creative projects for school.

In terms of revision and homework, technology can help children to answer any questions they may have and provide them with online tests that will help them to develop their knowledge in a fast and efficient manner.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Children can develop their hand-eye coordination through engaging applications on tablets and smartphones. This occurs when children play a game or use an app that requires them to follow an object on the screen with their eyes, while actively pressing or swiping at the screen with their hands.

Hand-eye coordination is very important when children start school, as it will give them a boost when it comes to using their hands and eyes to learn how to write and draw.

Increases Motivation

Many technological activities and applications are created to encourage users to complete a section before they can unlock the next one. This will help teach children that they need to keep on trying to achieve things in life, and not to give up. It will then give them the motivation and confidence to overcome any challenges they may face in the outside world too.

To complete a level of a game, they may need to figure out how to do something or what the problem they are dealing with is. Problem solving is a very important part of life and is an essential skill to learn.

Expand Their Horizons

Using technology, children are exposed to a world that they most likely won’t see in their day-to-day life. They can learn about other countries around the world and discover a whole host of interesting information.

When children are young, it is easy for them to forget there is a big world outside of their home, but by exposing them to pictures and information about other cultures and areas of the world, they will begin to understand more about the Earth and those who live on it.   

They key to reaping the benefits of technology for your children is moderation. Parents should allow children to absorb the positive effects technology can have without experiencing any potential drawbacks.

Screentime should be limited and you should help teach your children that variety is key when it comes to both entertainment and social interaction. Technology can really help children to develop skills and enhance their learning, as long as it part of a balanced lifestyle and not simply used as a distraction and a problem solver.



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