Summer Clothes to Keep Your Baby Cool in the Summer

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1 year ago

Summer can be a tricky season in terms of keeping your little one cool and comfortable. If you overdress your baby then they could become too hot and develop a heat rash, but if you leave their skin exposed they will be vulnerable to heatstroke or sunburn.

Check out our guide on keeping your baby cool and protected throughout the summer months:

Use Layers

One thing to keep in mind when dressing your baby for the summer months is that layers can be very useful. With your baby moving from room to room or from outside to inside regularly layers can come in very handy.

Start with a basic all-in-one body suit, as this can be worn under any other items of clothing. Choose an outfit for your baby and layer it over the top, including either a cardigan or jacket and a pair of socks, this way you can take layers off if they get too warm and put them back on if they get at all cold.

Protect From the Sun

Babies have very sensitive skin, so you don’t want to leave them exposed to the sun for periods of time on hot days. Use a long sleeve top to keep your baby’s arms protected and cover their legs with cotton leggings or long shorts.

Use a hat or bonnet to protect your little one’s face and keep their head cool when the sun is out. Don’t forget, however many layers your baby has on, it is still a good idea to put sun cream on any potentially exposed areas, just to be safe.

Consider Colour and Material

Colour and material are very important when it comes to summer clothing. Dark colours will generate more heat and thicker fabrics won’t allow your baby’s skin to breathe and stay cool.

Choose cotton clothing where you can and add them to your baby’s summer wardrobe. Pick lighter colours, as these will help reflect the sun and stop your baby from overheating when they are outdoors.


Cotton nappies are much better for babies in the summer months, as disposable nappies will leave your baby feeling much warmer, and may also result in them developing a sweat rash around the nappy band.

A cotton nappy will be much more comfortable for your baby, but if you only have disposable nappies then just make sure you keep them in a cool environment and dress them in light, comfortable clothing.


Summer is great for taking your baby swimming, especially when you go on holiday. There is no way you can wrap them up head to toe if they are going to be in the pool, but there are some good options.

Instead of choosing child size bikinis and swimming trunks, choose a rash shirt and shorts to cover them up, or even better opt for a baby wetsuit. You can buy swimwear with a built in UPF, so try and choose one with a minimum UPF of 20.

Check Body Temperature

Once you have dressed your baby for the day’s activities, it is important to keep an eye on their temperature and make sure that they don’t become too hot or cold at any point.

To check how hot or cold your baby is, simply place your hand on the back of their neck and check the temperature of their skin. If they feel comfortably warm then you know they are appropriately dressed.

Babies have a very limited ability to sweat, as they only sweat from their head, neck, hands and feet. If your baby does become overheated then take off their socks and hat, as this will allow them to cool down fairly quickly.



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