6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Family’s Health

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1 year ago

It is important to look after the health of your whole family, and summer is a great time to boost everyone’s happiness and wellbeing. Here are some ways you can create a healthy and happy home:

Eat Well

A well-balanced meal full of nutrients is a great place to start in terms of helping your family to be as healthy as possible. Set a family mealtime each day so that everyone has a routine and can sit down together and eat.

Choose fresh fruit and vegetables and create delicious summery salads. Variety is key when it comes to creating healthy meals, so try and get as many different coloured foods on your plate at the same time.

Exercise Together

Being active should be easy, so plan bike rides and walks that your family will enjoy, and even take a picnic with you to stop and eat somewhere in the sun. Group activities can really help to give everyone a good amount of exercise while helping the family bond at the same time.

Try and create a family activity calendar, where twice a month you all plan something to do together. You could let each member of the family take it in turns to choose the activity you are going to do.

Get in the Garden

Working in the garden as a family is a really great way to spend time together while keeping your garden looking great. Gardening is actually great exercise, and it’s a nice way to get children involved outdoors.

Give each of your children a space in the garden and let them choose some different seeds to plant. Let them look after the area and they will be delighted when their area is fully of beautiful plants and flowers.

Limit Screen Time

With tablets and smartphones coming out of our ears, it can be hard to limit our children, and ourselves, to a smaller amount of screen time. Try and set apart some time each week where gadgets and devices are banned and everyone can sit and talk as a family.

TV can be a great way to bond as a family if you find a nice film to watch in the evening, but in the summer months it’s much more fun to go outside and play games or even do something crafty like painting or writing.

Create Healthy Habits

If a child sees you snacking in-between meals, then they are likely to do the same, so try and create healthy snacks that your family will love and leave out bowls of fruit, nuts or dried up vegetables, so that if they are hungry they will turn to them.

Try and remove all fizzy drinks from your home and encourage your children to drink water when they are thirsty. If your child gets used to drinking diet coke at all times of the day, then it will be a hard habit to break. Encourage them to drink more water, and if they find it to bland then try adding to it some fruit cordial or real fruit pieces.

Have Fun

This may seem like a strange one, but actually, if children have to focus too much on their homework, chores and extracurricular activities, it can cause both stress and anxiety.

Make sure that there is still a fun part to their day when they get home from school, this could be by playing a game, building a den or even just getting them to help cook the family meal with you. Doing something fun each day and spending time with you will help them to stay feeling relaxed and happy.



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