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Interval Walking and Hydration – Gentle Exercise

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1 year ago

Interval Walking

Keep that little one moving and walk with the pushchair at various speeds. Aim to do 60 seconds at your natural walking pace and 30 seconds at a higher pace. Interval walking is great for burning calories and really helps to increase your fitness levels. It also helps to lower blood pressure and enhances your mood.


It’s important to make sure you get the right amount of fluid before, during and after exercise. Keep a bottle of water close by when out and about – If you don’t keep your fluid levels topped up it can affect your health and ability to continue exercising.

Safety Tips

Make sure you use a sturdy pushchair while walking – Aaron recommends iCandy pushchairs for a safe workout with your little one. Ensure that your baby/child is strapped in securely - all iCandys come with a standard 5 point safety harness. Make sure you put the brake on each time you stop to perform a move too. 

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