Ideas For Celebrating Your Baby’s First Birthday

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1 year ago

With Prince George’s first birthday just a week away, we are all waiting with baited breath to see what his birthday celebrations will be like. It can be quite hard to throw a party for children when they are so young, but it is important to make their first birthday as special as possible.

Although you are celebrating your little one’s birthday, unfortunately they probably won’t remember it, so it is important to make it fun for all guests, young and old. Here are some great ideas for celebrating a first birthday:


Don’t worry too much about inviting the whole neighbourhood, as your baby may still be wary of strangers and is going to be craving the attention of family members they love and know well.

The best first birthday parties are the smaller, more intimate ones, so write a list of family and friends and make sure to invite them with plenty of time to spare, so you know they will be able to make it.


Decide on whether you want a theme for your baby’s first birthday party, this will make shopping for supplies and decorations much easier. If your little one loves a certain toy or game then you could use that as a starting point.

There are lots of different themes you could choose from if you are stuck for ideas, including a princess party, pirate party, animal party or maybe you could just opt for a low-key tea party if the weather is nice.

Party Bags

Kids love party bags and they are a fun and easy addition to any celebration. If you have a theme in mind, then you could create them around that, but if not, you could choose some of your baby’s favourite things, like a book or cuddly toy.

Party bags don’t need to be too over the top and they shouldn’t contain the usual small sweets for children this age, they are just a nice addition to the day. You could even make separate grown up party bags if you know a lot of adults will be there to help you celebrate.

Food and Drink

As your baby is still so young and many of the guests may be too, it is best to keep food and drink relatively simple. Finger food works best, as both adults and children can enjoy it and it can be eaten at any time of the day. Don’t forget a cake too as children of all ages love cake.

In terms of drinks, it is a good idea to have water and milk, and perhaps a selection of diluted juices too. You may want to cater to the needs of the adults in attendance too, so provide a variety of options.


At the age of one, your baby will most likely enjoy toys that light up and make sounds, so anything that fits those criteria will make a great present. It is never too early to start your children off reading either; so textured board books will also make a great gift.

If you want to really push the boat out, then you could get them a present that will last them for years, such as a rocking horse or an outdoor swing. If you get asked what your baby would like for their birthday, then clothes are always a good option as they grow so quickly at that age.

Prepare Your Home

It is very exciting having guests over, but it is a good idea to prep your home before they arrive. You need to make sure you have a designated party area and have secured the rest of the house for any crawlers and walkers – toddler gates work brilliantly for this.

Provide a clean and tidy room for any other parents who need to change nappies and try and keep any pets out of the way – this is for their own safety as much as anything. Try and relax as much as possible so you have a great time and ask everyone to take photos, that way you will have lots of lovely memories from the very special day.

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