Eight Exciting Apps for Toddlers

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1 year ago

Toddlers today are more tech savvy than ever, but luckily there are quite a few different apps on the market that are not only engaging, but also educational, meaning their screen time can be used in the best way.

Instead of turning the pages of a book, toddlers today are more likely to be found swiping the screen of a tablet. Here are some great apps to try out with your toddler that will provide creativity, entertainment and education:


This fun app is based on a digital aquarium and combines traditional paper drawings and interactive technology. Your children are presented with an empty aquarium on an iPad and they have to fill it with their own fish.

Once your child has drawn a fish on a piece of paper, it can be scanned onto the app where they will be able to see it in the aquarium.

FirstWords: Animals

This is a very simple app that can help young children learn how to spell. The app will display a picture, and the toddler will be encouraged to drag the letters on the screen into the right order to form the word relating to the picture.

As each letter is put in place a voice will read out the letter and then the word when it is complete.

Wheels on the Bus

This app allows users to move through a series of animations based on all the popular nursery rhymes (there are some new bits you may not remember from when you were younger though.)

Duck Duck Moose have quite a few good apps, and this one is great for teaching toddlers how to tap and swipe, and it will also let you record yourself singing a song for your child.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

With a selection of different games, all focussed around fruit, this app moves at quite a pace and rewards children with stickers for doing well. There are many different games to choose from, including matching, counting, jigsaws and spot the difference.

This fantastic app allows your toddler to have fun and learn at the same, and should keep them busy for a while.

Talking Tom

This simple, yet engaging, app features a cat called Tom, who will repeat everything your child says back to them in a slightly squeaky voice. If they stop talking then Tom will yawn until they play with him again.

The app also allows your child to poke Tom, feed him milk and even pull his tail. Tom has many other cute friends too who have their own apps, including Ben the Dog and Larry the Bird.

Thomas Game Pack

The Thomas Game Pack includes three small Thomas the Tank Engine games. There is a maze, a jigsaw and a matching pairs game, all of which are great for toddlers, though the maze can be a bit trickier.

If there is a Thomas the Tank Engine fan in your family, then this app is a must-have as it will provide them with hours of fun.

In the Night Garden

The popular BBC show In the Night Garden has finally made it into the AppStore and is already a big hit with children aged between 1 and 4. There are two parts to the app, one that includes the dances from the show, and one that includes both a game of hide and seek and a washing game.

This is a great app as it allows toddlers to learn while interacting with all their favourite characters from the show.

Elmo Calls

This app stimulates a real phone call, so that your toddler thinks that Elmo from Sesame Street is actually calling them. There are a few different pre-recordings that include Elmo telling stories and pausing so your child can speak back to him.

The stories cover a range of different topics and the app also has a voicemail function and a video conference feature so your child will think they are actually speaking to Elmo face to face.



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