Easy Fashion Formulas for Mums on the Go

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1 year ago

Usually, when you have children to look after and a never-ending list of chores, fashion is the last thing on your mind. You barely have time to brush your hair in the morning, never mind find a top that matches your trousers.

It can be very easy to get into a routine of wearing the same sort of thing day-in and day-out when you have little ones and other family members to take care of, but with these easy outfit formulas you will be able to incorporate fashion into your day-to-day life without even thinking twice about it.

Jeans and a T-Shirt

Ok so this might not sound like the most exciting combo when it comes to fashion, but there are so many different things you can do to change up your style using a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

For a start, you can vary your style of jeans, whether you decide to wear skinny jeans one day, then boyfriend jeans the next – you can’t go wrong when it comes to a good pair of jeans.

The next thing you need to do is choose a t-shirt – again something that can be varied from day-to-day. There are tons of different t-shirt styles to choose from, including tight, round neck t-shirts, v-necks and even off the shoulder tops. If you are wearing plain jeans, then you want your t-shirt to stand out, so choose either bright colours or dark shades with graphics or embellishment.

All you need to add to this outfit is a cardigan or blazer and a pair of ballet pumps and you’re ready!

Jeggings and a Tunic

Jeggings are all the fashion at the moment, and not only do they keep everything tucked in nicely, but they also go with almost anything. They come in a variety of colours, so you can choose from black, blue, white or if you are feeling super brave then maybe even a summery bright red.

Tunics are fantastic for covering up any lumps and bumps, and they tend to come in a variety of options. If the weather is warming up, then you can choose a short sleeve or even vest-style tunic, but if there is a chill in the air then there are some gorgeous knitted versions too.

Pair your jeggings with some tall boots and casually drape a scarf around your neck for a fun and fashionable finish.

Dress and Boots

Putting on a dress can make you feel instantly more feminine, but although some people think they are only suitable for an evening ‘do’, they can definitely be casual enough to wear throughout the day. The more casual styles of dresses include jersey knit, skater style, and sweater dresses, and they are all comfy enough to wear for hours on end without wanting to get back into your jeans.

The best footwear to match a casual dress with is a pair of boots. These can be knee high flat boots, mid calf slouch boots or even just ankle boots with a block heel – whichever one you choose is going to look great with your dress.

Again, this outfit can be finished off with either a waterfall cardigan or a cropped blazer, depending on the temperature outside.

Skirt and a Jumper

Skirts make for easy elegance, and with a range of lengths to choose from, you are sure to find something that makes you comfortable. In the summer months you could dabble with a denim mini, and when the colder days roll around, a flowing maxi skirt will always look amazing.

The best thing about skirts is that they look great with a range of different tops, but you can’t go wrong with a jumper. In the winter months a thick knit jumper will look fantastic with a long maxi skirt, and when it’s warmer you can choose a thinner sweatshirt or thin knit to finish your look.

The footwear you choose to wear with this outfit will most likely depend on the length of the skirt you choose, but if in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a smart pair of ballet pumps.


When it comes to fashion, the accessories you choose can really make or break an outfit. Something that looks a bit dull and drab can be completely transformed by a scarf, a bag or just some jewellery.

Belts can work wonders with long tops, and large tote bags are not only fashionable, but also very handy when you have children. A statement necklace can really jazz up any outfit, and a pair or earrings can really give you that extra sparkle.



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