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1 year ago

It can be frustrating for parents when they cook a nice family meal and their children just end up sat on their phones, playing games or texting their friends. With technology becoming more prominent in our every day lives, sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of your children’s screen time. The DinnerTime app is the perfect solution to this problem.

Although technology can be beneficial for kids in terms of communication and education, it is also good to have regular screen-breaks and to give children time out from all the technology available in their lives.

There are three main features on the DinnerTime app, including Dinner Time, Bed Time and Take a Break. These control options enable parents to remind their children that they need to get to sleep, do their homework or enjoy their family meal without any distractions.

The app works by linking two phones together – the parent app works on either an iOS or Android device, but currently the kid’s app only works on Android. The parent’s device uses a phone number to send a text to the child’s device in order to sync with their app.

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By default, the Dinner Time feature is set to one hour and the Bed Time feature is set for between 9:30pm and 7am, but both of these can be changed. The Take a Break feature works with the tap of a button – tap to lock, then tap to unlock, simple!

Once the Dinner Time feature is activated, your children will see a message on their phone that says something like:

“Spend some quality time with your family. This device will be available in 44 minutes.”

The Bed Time mode is brilliant if you know your children like staying up late on their phone, as it means you can lock all their apps but they will still be able to access their alarm clock function.

If you want to have total control over your child’s phone, then Take a Break will be the best feature for you. Using the parent app you can lock and unlock their phone whenever you like, although it will unlock itself after 24 hours.

The app can only be deleted from the admin app, meaning your child can’t just disable it whenever they want; this option just needs to be chosen in the settings when you first download it.

If both parents want to be able to control their child’s phone, then the app can be shared with another phone, just by linking the other person’s phone number. There is also a DinnerTime Plus app that gives you even more control, including set time limits, real time data and reports on the last 15 apps they have spent time on.

There is also a block feature that will let parents block all apps that are not useful or educational, such as Wikipedia or a calculator, thus allowing children to use their phone for homework without getting distracted.

This app is great for parents who want to be able to limit their children’s screen time in a simple and straightforward manner. With such an easy to use interface and a great range of features, this free app is sure to become popular with parents very soon.

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