7 Summer Activities to Get Your Kids Outdoors

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1 year ago

The school holidays are almost upon us, so you may be wondering what on earth you can plan with your children to keep them out the house during the sunny months.

Summer activities don’t have to be too elaborate - summer is meant to be fun, and sometimes some of the simplest ideas are the best. If you get stuck for ways to entertain your little ones this summer then look no further than these fun filled and cost effective activities:


When the sun comes out, there is nothing better than taking the whole family for a picnic. If you live near the beach, then you could take a bucket and spade with you, or if you live near the countryside you could take a kite to fly.

Get the children involved in making the picnic hamper as they will be more excited when it comes to sitting down and eating it in the sun. Don’t forget to take some bats and a ball too, so you can all take part in some games.


A great activity to get the whole family involved in is cycling. Children of all ages can participate and it’s a great form of exercise. Make sure everyone’s bikes are in full working order and there are no punctures before you go though.

There are lots of beautiful cycle paths all over the country, just look online in your area and find one that suits you best. With the Tour de France just around the corner, what better time to get on your bike?

Bug Hunt

The majority of insects are completely harmless and children tend to be fascinated by them, so why not send them on a bug hunt to not only keep them busy, but also help them to learn more?

Create a list of different bugs that they may be able to find and arm them with a magnifying glass so they can find even the smallest ones. They will love looking at all the different wildlife in your garden and learning about all it’s different inhabitants.


All children love animals, so what better than taking them to go and see some? There are tons of different zoos and wildlife parks across the country, just make sure you plan the day in advance so you know what time the park opens.

If you don’t have a zoo or wildlife park near you, then find out whether there are any open farms in your area – they will still have a variety of animals and may even let children hold and feed them.


Scrapbooks are so much fun to make and are pretty easy for children of all ages to get involved with. The best thing about them is that your child will be able to keep them forever and look back on their summer of fun for years to come.

Children can draw in scrapbooks, tape shells or sticks they find on their adventures in them, and even press flowers from the garden to put on the pages. The different bits and bobs that can be included from their summer adventures are endless.


One way to get your kids outdoors and learning at the same time is by getting them involved in gardening. They will love helping you out and will be really proud of the bits they do.

Give them a square of the garden or a little part of your vegetable patch and allow them to choose some seeds to plant. Make sure they come out and help you water them each day, and they should really enjoy watching the plants grow.


If you want your kids to be more creative and get them out the house, then painting is a fantastic way to do both. Painting is great fun and will give them hours of fun and leave you with lots of artwork for the fridge.

Set them up in the garden with some paper and different paints, and make sure you get them in some old clothes in case they spill. Choose a part of the garden for them to look at and paint, then let their creativity run wild!



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