7 Signs Your Baby Has Turned into a Toddler

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1 year ago

When you have a baby you are told to make the most of every day, as they “grow up so fast”. But this is actually very true, and before you know it your baby will have grown up into a toddler.

When a baby actually turns into a toddler is most definitely not set in stone, in fact it can be quite hard to pin point the very moment your baby changes from one to the other.

Usually the toddler stages occurs between the ages of one and two, but if you’re not sure whether your baby has turned into a toddler yet, here are some signs to look out for:

You Need to Watch Them More

Once you used to be able to quickly nip into the kitchen and get a drink or some food, or even pop into your baby’s nursery to grab some nappies, but not any more.

You know your baby has turned into a toddler when you realise you need eyes in the back of your head to keep watch over your little one and make sure they don’t get up to any mischief when your back is turned.

They Have Started Saying “No”

Unfortunately, toddlers realise that the word “no” is something they can use as much as they want in response to anything you ask them to do. When your little one tries to assert their dominance,l you know they have become a toddler.

Where you used to be able to dress your baby, feed them your choice of food, or get them ready to leave the house without too much of a fuss, you may now find that the answer to all these things is simply “no.”

Bath Time is Much Wetter

Bathing your child is never easy, especially when they are small and need holding up so that you can sponge them clean. However, when your baby turns into a toddler, bath time gets a whole lot messier.

It’s lovely to see your little one splashing around in the bath and playing with all their toys, but it’s not quite as fun when you realise that you may as well have been in the bath yourself as your clothes are so wet.

Crying Gets Louder

There are always going to be tears when your baby is little, but when they turn into a toddler the cry becomes much different. No longer do you just have the usual cries that ask for food or comfort, a toddler knows exactly how to cry to get what they want.

Your toddler will cry louder to get the attention that they crave and cry even more if they don’t get what they want. You will also be introduced to the “whine”, which can go on for quite a while when they aren’t getting what they want.

Buggy Wrestling Begins

Your buggy used to be a safe place to strap your baby into as you took them out and about on your day-to-day activities, but no more. Toddlers don’t know what they want anymore when it comes to their buggy.

Half of the time they will be very protective of their buggy and want to go in it everywhere, but the half of the time you may have to wrestle them just to get the straps done up. Even once you do get them done up, the chances are they will cause such a fuss you will have to take them out again.

Nothing is Left Untouched

Once you used to love the way their little fingers wrapped around yours as they learnt how to grip and pick things up. Unfortunately this is not quite so exciting once you child has turned into a toddler.

Everything and anything will get picked up and moved, including keys, remote controls and even phones. They are not likely to end up in the same room you left them in, so you will need to keep an eye on all your bits and bobs around the house.

Everything Gets Thrown

Babies often drop things, but that is nothing in comparison to the toddler throw your child will learn as they get older. Nothing is safe anymore if your toddler has their hands on it.

Whether your little one is sat at the table in their highchair, or helping you with the shopping sat in a trolley, anything they can reach is likely to get thrown as far as possible. Food is usually a favourite for launching across the kitchen, but even their favourite toy or items of clothing they are wearing aren’t safe. 



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