5 Must Have Baby Gadgets for Any New Parent

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1 year ago

When you have a new-born baby, your home suddenly becomes full of different things such as prams and toys. As new parents though, you may have a tough time knowing exactly what you need for your baby and what will benefit them most.

There are tons of different baby products on the market, but some are better than others and will be of more use to you. Here we bring you some of the top must-have baby gadgets for new parents:

Keep it Kleen

Your baby’s dummy will be with them most of the day, and it is quite likely to get dropped on the floor from time to time. The fantastic Keep it Kleen dummy is not only hygienic, but it is also stylish and functional.

The dummy has closing shields, which come together instantly when the dummy is dropped. Attached to the dummy itself, the shields protect the nipple and stop it from getting dirty on the floor.

Sippy Sure Medicine Cup

This fantastic cup design allows you to keep you child’s favourite drink in one compartment and the liquid medicine they need to take in another until they are read to have a drink.

Once the child drinks out of the cup, the medicine and drink will mix together; meaning the taste of the medicine will be hidden by the flavour of their favourite drink. The cup is spill proof and doesn’t leak, and can also be used as an every day cup just by removing the medicine compartment.

Bottle Adaptor

Sometimes it can be hard to carry round a ton of different bottles and sometimes the worst can happen and you forget them altogether. This is where the Bottle Cap Adaptor comes in handy.

Made from polypropylene with a silicone nipple, this adaptor is BPA and PVC free, and will turn almost any disposable water bottle into a bottle suitable for your baby. The nipple can also be removed and washed, and used time and time again.


This fabric chair harness can convert any seat into a high chair for your baby. It allows babies aged 6 months plus to sit up in a range of places and is fantastic for when you go on holiday.

The Totseat is machine washable and compact so it won’t take up much space in your luggage. It’s really easy to use and simply fits over the top of a chair and is tightened using a toggle at the back.

Bathtub Divider

With a bathtub divider you don’t need to buy a separate baby bath - you can simply create your own custom made bathtub that’s exactly the right size. This is a fantastic idea, as it saves water and energy, and makes your bath safe for babies.

The divider is kept in place using two suction cups on either side and it flexibly bends to the shape of your bathtub to avoid any water getting through. With a small and compact design, the bathtub divider can be used from birth until your little ones are toddlers.

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