5 Cool Gadgets for Your Baby's Nursery

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1 year ago

When it comes to looking after your baby, it is important that you choose gadgets and gizmos that will help keep your little one feel safe and happy, while simultaneously making your life easier and giving you peace of mind.

Your baby’s nursery is their safe haven and a room they will spend a lot of time in, so it is important to make sure it is as secure and comfortable as possible for them. Here are 5 of the coolest gadgets that will be perfect for your baby’s nursery:

Chicco Magic Lantern

This great little gadget is designed to enhance your baby’s nursery using light and sound. It comes with five different lighting effects and has a range of melodies and soothing sounds that will comfort your baby and help them stay calm.

The lantern creates a relaxing atmosphere and with it’s round design can be rocked gently to and fro. Made from sturdy plastic, the magic lantern has a handle so that it can be easily carried around from room to room.

Digital Baby Video Movement and Sound Monitor

This gadget from Angelcare uses sensory pads under the mattress to help monitor your baby’s movements, and it will sound an alarm if there is no movement after 20 seconds, meaning you don’t have to keep poking your head around the door.

It also comes with day and night vision, so that you can watch your baby through a live video from the parent unit without disturbing their sleep. The 2-way talkback feature also allows you to reassure your baby using your voice, without actually being in the room.

Gro Egg Monitor

The temperature of your baby’s nursery can often be a worry, as you don’t want your baby to become overheated, but you also don’t want them to be cold. The Gro Egg provides peace of mind, as it changes colour to let you know whether the room temperature is right.

If the egg glows yellow then it means the room is a comfortable temperature for your little one, but if it glows red or blue then you know it is too hot or cold. The added bonus to the Gro Egg is that is also works as a night-light, providing a gentle glow within the room.

Mimo Onesie

This amazing baby body suit is the first wearable gadget for babies that can monitor their vital statistics. Using a onesie and a turtle shaped clip, the Mimo Onesie can be connected to a smart phone app to provide real-time data.

Monitoring your baby’s body position, skin temperature and level of activity, the Mimo onesie uses Bluetooth Smart-compatible technology to send all the data to an iOS or Android app, so that parents can rest assure their little one is OK.

Cool Mist Nursery Humidifier

There is nothing worse than seeing your baby poorly and unwell, and with tiny nostrils it’s no wonder they become congested so easily. Decongestants are a big no-no for children under the age of two, so the best thing to use is a humidifier.

A nursery humidifier will help to clear your little one’s sinuses and make it much easier for them to breathe. By providing this much needed relief, using a humidifier will make you and your baby more comfortable and relaxed. Many humidifiers are big and bulky, but this stylish little mushroom design from Duux creates a cool mist in seconds and also allows you to add aromatherapy oils to the mix, which can really help babies with breathing trouble.

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