We are delighted to announce that our new iCandy Apple 2 Pear pushchair, which is the perfect choice for growing families, is coming soon.

In 2007, iCandy unveiled the first ever modular pushchair system, which allowed parents to convert a one-seater into a two-seater and vice versa, all within the smaller footprint of a single stroller.

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The iCandy Apple 2 Pear is the result of an extensive design project.

Our team have built on that innovative design to produce a new model that is even easier to use and that we believe will be every bit as popular with families as our other single-to-double pushchairs.

The latest addition to the iCandy family has some great practical features, including that you will have the ability to fold without removing the seat unit.

It is also 40% lighter than the original Apple without losing any functionality, its shopping basket is 11% larger and it comes with no-puncture EVA tyres.

The Apple 2 Pear is available with 7 fantastic flavour canopies – caviar, aniseed, raspberry blue, chilli, cookie, papaya and cassis – all of which come in a stunning soft touch fabric.

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Apple 2 Pear with aniseed flavour canopy.

Find out more about the new iCandy Apple 2 Pear here