The luxury pushchair brand have teamed up with top trainer Aaron Flynn for some Health and Fitness advice just in time for the summer holidays!


Family life and exercise are not usually words you see in the same sentence. Most of us would like to lose weight and get fit, but it’s hard enough just to fit all your work and family duties into the day, without having to think of exercise too. Most parents believe they simply don’t have time to work out – but iCandy Word reveal this is not the case!

The luxury brand have teamed up with top trainer, Aaron Flynn, for some Health and Fitness advice to help parents get the most out of their training and advise families on how to live a more balanced lifestyle!

Aaron is an award-winning trainer who has been providing nutritional advice and personal training to clients around the world for over six years. “Summer is the perfect opportunity to get moving, it’s a chance to get outdoors and try new ways to get fit with the family. Whether you prefer to jog outdoors, get active with the family or sweat it out in the gym, the way you exercise can be tailored and streamlined to maximise its benefits for your health.” Aaron says.

Little Riley and Aaron

Little Riley and Aaron

iCandy will be working alongside Aaron to publish posts throughout the summer to help parents discover the fitness fanatic within! This will include fitness videos that will most certainly get you moving, sweating and working every muscle in your body. Shooting in various locations around the country, Aaron demonstrates a combo of push ups, pull ups, lunges and squats – just a few of the exercises that will challenge your body. Aaron will also share his passion for cooking, creating various delicious recipes that come with full nutritional information and are simple to prepare and follow. They are all print and mobile friendly, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Everyone can get involved, so this weekend why not get the whole family together and make exercising fun!