Cutting-edge design at iCandy elevates your child


The iCandy Peach range provide unique elevators that ensure your child will be closer to the parent and away from exhaust pipe level

Astonishing headlines in this mornings tabloids as minister, Ed Davey warns that young children in buggies who are being pushed around at ‘exhaust pipe level’ are ‘vulnerable’ to dangerous car fumes.

In an interview with The Evening Standard, the top Lib Dem, Ed Davey stressed that children were predominantly at risk from traffic pollution; “at the moment they are vulnerable if they are being pushed down congested high streets. In a buggy they are at near exhaust pipe level.”

The Climate Change and Energy Secretary added that parents had raised fears that the pollution from busy roads was damaging their children’s health and that the level of harmful diesel soot pumped out of exhaust pipes near children was extremely dangerous.

The pioneering designers at iCandy have created innovative elevators that can be simply clicked into place to allow for the single seat to be positioned higher and closer to the parent and most importantly, away from exhaust pipe level. The new iCandy elevators raise the seat unit 17% higher and 29% closer to the parent – 14cm closer compared to a Peach 3 without the elevators.

Peach 3 Fuchsia with elevators

Peach 3 Fuchsia with elevators

This unique feature furthermore encourages interaction between the parent and child, a parent-facing seat option promotes child development and has now become a signature to iCandy.

Understanding the needs of the modern day parent, the elevators allow the child, when in world facing mode to be closer to the table for when out and about at picnic benches, in cafes or even at home. This additionally provides ease of use when feeding or when taking the child in and out of the pushchair.

Furthermore, with on-the-go parents in mind, the designers at iCandy have furthermore created the innovative elevators to be small enough to fit into a changing bag.

Although parents have the ultimate responsibility, iCandy create such solutions to ensure families enjoy life to the maximum.

iCandy Peach Elevators

iCandy Peach Elevators

  • Peach 3 has now launched in the UK and include the new elevators.
  • The iCandy Peach elevators are compatible with the entire Peach collection.
  • The collection is available directly at all iCandy retailers nationwide including John Lewis.
  • The Peach 3 will retail from £670.00.
  • The Peach 3 is compatible with the Maxi-Cosi cabrio, Pebble and the BeSafe iZiGo infant carrier car seats. (Maxi-Cosi cabrio and Pebble car seats can be used in Blossom mode)