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Baby Bibs: Baby Boosa Review


Our reviewers were unanimous in their first impressions of this bib, they were all particularly impressed by the fashionable pattern and soft feel. They found that this bib caught food really well, leaving minimal mess and keeping their little ones clean. The bib itself was easy to clean and rolled up neatly to take out and about. One downfall was that the fasteners were slightly difficult to do up, but overall a fantastic product! 




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Price - £15.00


Reviewer ratings


Value for money  - ★★★★½

Quality  - ★★★★★

Durability  - ★★★★½

Style  - ★★★★★





iCandy says:


A stylish and easy-clean bib with adjustable size settings to grow with baby.

About the Baby Boosa Bib 


Weaning but make it fashion! Stylish in form, function & comfort, the Baby Boosa is not only a deep food catcher but also aesthetically pleasing with its fashionable designs. 



Real world reviews 


Hear from our parent reviewer Aimee, who tested the Baby Boosa Bib. 


First Impressions of the Baby Boosa Bib


“I really loved the print on this bib and it feels great! The silicone is clearly high quality with a sturdy yet soft feel.”


- Ruby Barham 


"The material is lovely and soft. It has a much more fashionable pattern than we're used to for a boy - cars and dinosaurs are the standard main options!”


- Aimee Bentley 


"I loved the bag this bib came in and I loved the colour and design. The material felt very expensive.


- Annie Inkersole  


How did the Baby Boosa Bib make your life easier? 


“This bib has been fantastic. It holds its shape really well and catches almost all food, keeping my son's clothes nice and clean. It is super easy to clean and does not stain. It also rolls up well to take out and about. There are multiple sizing options so will grow with my child. The quality of this bib is fantastic!”


- Ruby Barham 


"The shoulders are nice and wide which significantly reduced the amount of food being spread onto Theo's clothes when he moves his head while eating. The catch section at the bottom is nice and deep, so very little food drops onto the floor in reach of our dog. We really like the netted bag it comes with as there's space in there for all of baby's food and a spoon to keep everything feeding related together when you're out and about.”


- Aimee Bentley 


“The product doesn’t make my life easier as such, but it has attracted a lot of comments on how nice it looks. I think it’s mostly about the design.”


- Annie Inkersole  



Would you recommend the Baby Boosa Bib? 





This bib is truly fantastic and very durable”


- Ruby Barham 




- Aimee Bentley




“The problem I found with this bib was my baby could pull it off. The fastenings at the back kept popping out a little as my baby likes to pull at bibs. The lip of the food tray was great at catching food, but because it was larger than other bibs it took up more room when out and about.


- Annie Inkersole  


How Does it compare?  


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Where to buy?  


The Baby Boosa Bib is available buy via the Baby Boosa website.




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