What's in Jessica Jane Stafford's Emilia changing bag

What's in Jessica Jane Stafford's Emilia changing bag

We had the pleasure of catching up with iCandy mum and model, Jessica Jane Stafford

to discuss what items this fashionable mother keeps in her changing bag. Jessica, whose husband, Lee Stafford shot to fame with his range of fashionable hair products, is a proud owner of the Peach pushchair in Bubblegum. Jessica is also using the new iCandy Emilia leather changing bag.

  1. Two disposable Cow & Gate milks:.

These little 70ml bottles are brilliant for my newborn! The milk is sealed and comes with a sterilised teat so you don't have to worry about using them in a certain amount of time. Perfect for long journeys!

  1. Lee Stafford comb:

I have long hair so like to give it a little comb throughout the day. The De-Stress the Mess Detangling comb has tips infused with argan oil so it keeps my hair looking healthy whilst detangling. 

  1. A protein bar.

A Trek coconut protein bar for a yummy healthy snack when I’m on the go.

  1. Organic treats

Goodies organic fruit bar for my toddler to keep him going plus a bottle of organic Gojo Berry juice for my toddler, Angel, it’s his favourite drink!

  1. Pampers wet wipes and nappies:

These are a must when I’m out and about with the kids. I love that the yellow line on the nappies turns blue when my new born has wet her nappy – Genius!

  1. Dummy for my new born:

Elvis, my youngest, doesn't usually like having a dummy but it does comfort her when she's having a little sleep. 

 The iCandy Emilia leather changing bag

  1. Change of clothes for my new born, Elvis just in case we have any accidents.
  2. Tommee Tippee nail clippers:

The only time I can clip my kids’ nails is when they are asleep! If I'm at home, sleep time is when I do housework so on the go is the only time I get to do it.

  1. Keys, purse and loose change:

I pop these in the front zip pocket of the iCandy Emilia bag so they are easy to grab when I need to multi-task!

  1. Lee Stafford Brown Dry Shampoo:

An absolute must have for busy mums, a quick spray on my roots and my hair looks instantly refreshed and volumised. The colour of the spray is brown which is great when I don’t have a mirror handy as it doesn’t leave excessive white dry shampoo on my hair.

  1. Fake lashes:

I put these in ages ago and never used them but I like to keep them in you know... just in case!

  1. 2016 Diary:

I know it's a bit dated but I find a paper diary so much easier than my iPhone diary. I love opening it up and seeing the whole week.

  1. Lipbalm, eye liner and concealer for a little freshen up:

My iCandy Emilia bag has a variety of small pockets ideal for such go to grabs. 

  1. Look magazine:

If I am travelling by car, it's the only chance I get to read my Look magazine so I always throw it in there.

  1. And finally, my phone of course!

My Emilia bag is the perfect travel companion alongside my Peach pushchair. I love the understated style, along with the practicality of the design, which includes a separate thermal bottle bag and a handy large inner pocket that can be easily removed and cleaned. I chose the black leather as it goes with everything including our vibrant Peach Blossom in Bubblegum pink. 

Jessica Jane Stafford using the iCandy Peach  Bubblegum pushchair in Blossom mode

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