The iCandy Duo Podcast - The Travelling Gays

The iCandy Duo Podcast - The Travelling Gays

Welcome to Season 2 of the iCandy Duo Podcast!

Welcome to season 2 of the iCandy Duo Podcast, hosted by Naomi Williams - a 30-something parent of none baffled by how much is undiscussed in the world of pregnancy and parenthood. She'll be asking the questions you want the answers to on this podcast which is brought to you by iCandy World - makers of beautifully British pushchairs for parents across the globe.


In episode 3 of season 2, Naomi is joined on the iCandy Duo Podcast by Doug and Sanjay, aka The Travelling Gays. Whilst the couple are used to documenting their travels around the world, they are now sharing a different kind of journey - their surrogacy journey to becoming dads. We reached out to our followers on social to give them the opportunity to put forward questions for Doug and Sanjay and in this week’s episode, the couple are taking them on!





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The Travelling Baby

The Travelling Baby


Show Notes:


In this episode, Doug and Sanjay reference Brilliant Beginnings - a non-profit professional surrogacy agency based in the UK, which supports intended parents, surrogates and professionals.



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