The evolutionary iCandy MiChair- A parents Journey

The evolutionary iCandy MiChair- A parents Journey

Content courtesy of an iCandy staff member

Having worked at iCandy for nearly nine years I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of great products. I have also been lucky enough to experience some of these products from a parent’s perspective by using them with my two children.

Previously, I had an original Peach 1 Black Jack pram for my daughter who is now eight years old! Where has that time gone! Seven years later my Son was born and I was once again in the position to start using iCandy products as a parent. One of the products that I’m using is already becoming a firm favourite of mine - The iCandy MiChair.  I have no problem saying that I truly believe this to be the best high chair I have ever used.

For us here at iCandy, the MiChair is our first foray into the children’s furniture market, a market which already features a lot of big hitters, so we knew that we had to go in with something very special; which is exactly what we did. The MiChair has been assembled with the same care used when creating our luxury strollers.

Not only is the MiChair a beautiful piece of furniture it also has an incredible amount of longevity – It’s suitable from birth with the newborn pod, from six months through to three years as a highchair right up until 6 years as a nursery/rocking chair. To put this in perspective, the MiChair can act as a feeding chair, before converting into a rocking chair, and then a toddler chair.

My son really enjoys being in the MiChair and always looks very comfortable. He does however do his very best, as many children do, to make it as messy as possible at every meal time! Of course this is to be expected from a baby feeding chair. Luckily with the simple to remove and dishwasher friendly tray and the easy wipe clean fabrics, it’s not too much of a problem and we can have him, and the MiChair cleaned up in no time at all. It is one of the best high chairs when it comes to helpful design for parents. The tray ensures no dirt can become trapped and impossible to remove.

The MiChair really comes into its own as it can easily be transitioned from a highchair into a very stylish nursery / toddler chair or a rocking chair. It becomes really evident that a great deal of thought has gone into the design as once it has been transformed there are no signs that it was ever a highchair in a previous life. There are no harness slots, no sign of a cross bar or a footrest, it just looks like a modern piece of furniture in its own right, rather than a baby feeding chair.

iCandy MiChair - High Chair - Configurations

I love the fact the as my son grows the chair will evolve with him and I can almost picture him, in the not too distant future, chilling in his little rocking chair reading one of his favourite books. In the meantime I will continue to use the MiChair in highchair mode where it works exceptionally well as a feeding chair and try not to think about how quickly the kids are growing up!  It is now only a matter of time until it will become a toddler chair.  

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