iCandy proud to achieve the Queens Award for Innovation

iCandy proud to achieve the Queens Award for Innovation

We are extremely honoured to announce for the second time, that Her Majesty The Queen has been graciously pleased to confer Her Awards for 2018, under advisement of the Prime Minister and a highly revered advisory committee, the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation to iCandy World. The Queen’s Award for Innovation is the UK’s most esteemed award for outstanding contribution to contemporary British product design and engineering and is a true testament to our innovative thinking and expertise. 


We now look forward to welcoming once again Her Majesty The Queen’s representative to our Headquarters, where the Lord Lieutenant will once again present us with a commemorative engraved crystal bowl in acknowledgement of this fantastic achievement and second Grant of Appointment. The 2018 Queens Award also marks Her Majesty’s Sapphire Reign, serving as both Britain and the world’s longest reigning monarch. This impressive legacy of 65 years of accomplished progress for British Industry, makes this year’s award an extra special celebration as 2018 will also mark our 85th birthday as a proud British business.


As a fourth generation family business, the entire team feel privileged to be recognised with another Queens Award, it is an acknowledgment to the entire business of the hard work that goes on all year round to deliver innovative products, which truly represent the best of British design and engineering. Having been amongst the prestigious winners of the 2016 Queens Award for Enterprise in International trade, we feel greatly honoured and absolutely delighted to be granted a second appointment, this time the coveted award for Innovation. This cements our position once again as leaders of distinguished design and engineering.


The award recognises the innovative design of the iconic Peach pushchair, long seen as the jewel in the crown of of our well-respected product portfolio. From its inception and introduction to the market place in 2009, the Peach set a precedent within the nursery industry and quickly became a household name known around the world as being at the forefront of style and functionality. We have always strived for perfection across design, innovation, style and safety since 1933. Our precision manufacturing journey has enabled us to create one of the most recognised multi-configuration single to double travel systems within a single footprint. The iCandy Peach remains our flagship model, it can also adapt into a double travel system to grow with your family thanks to the use of innovative adapters. In just a few clicks the pushchair transforms into a double and back into a single pushchair when needed. Crafted and engineered to deliver a genuinely bespoke driving experience that offers ease of use for the parent and sublime comfort for the baby, this pushchair sets a whole new standard in the ultra-high luxury pushchair class. The Queens Award also marks the launch of the highly anticipated fifth generation New Peach. Boasting over 60 radical modifications to its predecessors, we believe it will once again redefine parenting life.


Whilst the quality of the Peach is one of the fundamental reasons for our success in qualifying for a Queens Award, all iCandy products are equally responsible for achieving such recognition. From the lightweight, nimble option of the iCandy Raspberry, to the multifunctional iCandy Strawberry and the iCandy Apple to Pear which originally brought our business to the forefront of global pushchair innovation. Our team of British in-house designers work tirelessly to create products which exude style, forever continuing to invest in expanding our portfolio of luxury nursery products. From the award winning, modular high chair design of the iCandy MiChair, that can provide comfort to your child from birth to around 6 years old, to the absolutely future proof Orange pushchair with integrated ride-on board, dynamic cinema seating, and over 30 configurations, we strive to surpass expectations. 2018 is no exception, bringing an exciting collaboration between two great British companies with iCandy and Land Rover co-designing and engineering the new Peach All-Terrain four wheel pushchair. ‘iCandy for Land Rover’ is set to launch this summer and will be the perfect companion to adventure seeking parents across the world.


Throughout our 85 years, we have taken an everyday product, the pushchair; and through innovation and brand development, created a premium high-end, luxury fashion product. Our two Joint CEO’s, brothers Bradley and Warren Appel, will be returning to Buckingham Palace in June 2018, two years since their last visit to celebrate this great honour.


“This is the achievement of our quite extraordinary team at iCandy, both here in the UK and within our iCandy global operation,” says iCandy Joint CEO Bradley Appel. “Since our establishment in London 85 years ago we have employed thousands of staff. They are all individually the most talented and dedicated team who are all truly industry experts and leaders in their various roles.  My brother Warren and I could not be more proud of everything they achieve and know that without them it would not have been possible to achieve yet another Queens Award from Her Majesty The Queen. 


We are immensely proud that iCandy’s creation of our first single-footprint double pushchair took Britain by storm and that our British design and innovation has been recognised and loved by so many families across the Globe.  We do not believe our designs are iconic because we say they are, but because each pushchair we hand-make habitually becomes an industry game-changer. Trailblazing to improve both parent and baby’s world is the number one focus of our innovation, but we can see no reason for personal style to take a back seat. On the contrary, new life is the perfect excuse for parents to make a statement about who they are. iCandy’s balance of performance and luxury is the signature of parents who expect more, and want to experience every moment of their new lives feeling confident and looking great. 


We are confident that the endorsement of a second Queen’s Award can only assist iCandy’s commitment and will give our worldwide customers even more confidence in building long term relationships based on trust and respect.”


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