Sammi Jefcoate and the iCandy Peach #MyiCandyStyle

Sammi Jefcoate and the iCandy Peach #MyiCandyStyle

Innovation forms a key part of the iCandy ethos, its what drives the brand to strive for greatness and keeps us ahead of the chasing competition. We catch up with our iCandy Peach mum Sammi, who has the Dove Grey on chrome.


-       Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I'm Sammi. I'm a mum to a four year old, a wife, and a fashion blogger (it still feels weird saying all of that - not sure which part is the most odd)


-       How has having son effected your sense of style post birth? Eg: breast feeding? How do you find maternity-fashion?

In those early post-birth days: I didn't wear a lot of white, and mini dresses were a nightmare - ha. How many times a day can you change a nappy?! Apparently, an infinite amount. However, having Casey hasn't changed my style: looking back, it feels like it was an unconscious effort to remain myself and not have him affect it, as it is so important to me. I'm a firm believer in getting dressed every-day - even in those intense early days - as it just makes me feel great, and does a lot more for my mental health than it could be thought.

Maternity fashion was a nightmare to me - every maternity section I experienced made me feel I'd suddenly become a 50-year old housewife that thought florals were life. I steered clear of it, and opted for oversized clothing - and possibly stretched out a few band tees and slip dresses.


-       How have you managed to juggle work with having your young son in tow? Do you find juggling work and having a child is tough, especially as a freelance lifestyle and Fashion Vlogger?

Working and being a mum is incredibly hard - fact. For the first 2 years, I had Casey every single day - on my own (Anton, my husband, is out the house for 12 hours every-day, and I didn't have any grandparent help) and I was running a business.

It's so much easier now, with nursery three times a week and being into the child phase, rather than baby - although, every time those school holidays come around I have a minor freak out. However, I've got it so good; I can't complain - it can just mean I'm kinda always working - which is a feeling I think most bloggers can relate to - but I wouldn't change it for the world. I didn't realise how important work was to me until having Casey.


-       Do you feel your followers have changed since having Casey? Do you think you have more mum followers?

Honestly? I'm not sure if they've changed. I've only been a blogger for 1.5 years, so before Casey I had no idea of my following. I do keep the Casey/mum/wife side a lot more personal, as I've always wanted my blog and Instagram to remain more fashion and beauty focused, especially so since it became my 'job'. I do receive some incredible direct messages and comments from fellow mums (hey!) regarding the way they feel that I've helped find/or keep their style; which feels me with joy. It can be easy to lose yourself within the mum void, and remembering you're still you and not just 'mum' (however great that title is) is so important.


-       How important is it for you to have a stylish pushchair?

Whilst pregnant, I thought I wouldn't be too fussed - but then as the time came nearer to having Casey, I remember walking into a store and being hit with garish graphics over EVERYTHING in sight - and suddenly it became apparent I did care, ha. Having something that was the combination of classic, functional, and stylish, for me, was pretty important.


-       Is functionality and ease of use important to you, especially when you are travelling with the kids?

YES. Whatever it is you need for your child, it has to be functional and easy to use. Travelling with babies and kids is no easy feat, and anything that can make that process easier gets my vote. When you're dealing with a screaming baby that's just wet himself for the 10th time that day and it isn't even 10am, the last thing you want to deal with is assembling/cleaning/organising a pushchair that doesn't cut it.


-       What do you love out the New Peach?

Design, functionality, ease of use: this is a pushchair you'll be stoked to push around. Having had time to really try it out, and remembering the harsh reality of what it is actually like to have a baby and be a full-time mum, the Peach ticks all the boxes for parents. I love the modern thoughtful touches - like the zip phone compartment - so practical. The bottom bag section is so spacious and actually allows you to shove all your shopping and baby equipment in there - this was something I always struggled with when I had Casey as a baby - you truly carry your life with you for the first year.


Although this isn't something required for me now, I want to mention it for any fellow mums that end up having a c-section like I did, or that know they will. The height: the height of the carry cot and ease of use is so great on the Peach. I struggled hugely for the first few weeks post-op due to lack of flexibility (apparently, it really is major surgery) and having a carry cot that is so easy to use is something I definitely think necessary, with beautiful hindsight.

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