iCandy and Fashion

iCandy and Fashion

In London this week the fashion world has captured the attention of the entire city as the catwalks are ablaze with next season must haves; and styles which will doubtless influence popular culture over the upcoming 12 months. As a brand, we have always looked to create fashionable, yet practical products, taking a special interest in leading fashion trends as we continue to innovate and create fashion conscious products. Therefore, we always endeavour to keep an eye out on the latest coming and goings in the fashion world, with London and New York recently displaying what’s going to be hot in 2016. The numbers for London Fashion week are quite incredible, with over 150,000 Instagram posts, 100 million pounds worth of orders, the fashion industry is truly a trillion dollar business.

Our new Designer collection, which will launch this fall, is evidence of our commitment to creating stylish products. Managing to infuse fashion and breath-taking practicality seamlessly, the Collection is sure to be the envy of High Streets the world over. Available in two striking styles, the Designer collection is a variation of the iconic Peach model in celebration of its 5th birthday. The Black edition features a matt black finish, which is accented with bright dynamic bursts of orange, giving the pushchair a dynamic striking look. Whilst the classic effortlessly combines timeless design, along with contemporary practicality and quality. We cannot wait to release these pushchairs to the public, from the excitement of our fans on social media, we are certain that parents will fall in love with the collection.

 As a brand we are world renowned for our on trend pushchairs and unique colourways, along with the ability to customise each stroller; with some of our products boasting interchangeable flavour packs. In the past we have experimented with bold colours such as Fuschia, to the more striking looks of Black Magic. However, just as colour styles evolve in the fashion world, we continue to refresh the colourways of our products to offer even more exciting options to parents. We have to remain tight lipped at this moment in time, but you can certainly expect to see some of our most popular models in line for a facelift very soon, with a few images being made public from our recent successful trip to Köln.

Kind + Jugend, Köln, Germany, sets the stage for where nursery’s biggest brands assemble each year to reveal the hottest products in store for the next 12 months. For iCandy, it is one of the key trade shows on the calendar, and is not dissimilar from the catwalks in London with plenty of fashionable new looks and season must haves on show. Like the models on the catwalks, each brand is aiming to steal the show, and with a raft of new products on display, we certainly feel like we have achieved that ambition! Keep an eye out on our Social Media channels to see further product reveals. So far we have shared an image of the new Peach on our Instagram page, which is accompanied with the rather apt tagline of 82 years in the making.

Köln is a huge event each year, and much like the London Fashion show, is an important gathering to unveil new products and ideas which will hopefully prove popular over the next year. We have had a great time in Germany this year and are really excited to show the public our new creations, especially after the positive feedback we have received so far. The public will be next be able to catch iCandy this year at the Olympia baby show in October, where you can expect to see a few of these new products on display.

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