Celebrating National Twin Day with Kelly Cook

Celebrating National Twin Day with Kelly Cook

In celebration of National Twin Day, iCandy caught up with Influencer Kelly Cook who recently brought her twin boys Cobie and Carson into the world. Kelly tells us all about life with two babies and the twin products she just can’t live without…


Tell us a little bit about your twin boys? Are they identical twins?


Carson and Cobie our two beautiful little boys are non-identical and couldn’t be any different if they tried. It’s amazing how two little people born at the same time can have such different personalities but I love that.


Do twins run in your family?


No! There are no twins in either of our families,  it was a total shock when we went for our 12 week scan. I couldn’t stop laughing when we were told there was actually a surprise baby. To add to that, two months later my sister was told she was pregnant with twins after having three individual pregnancies before that! Two boys too- absolutely crazy! The only thing we could think of is that we were both taking Ketones drinks which we can’t make medical claims on, but we do know the Ketogenic diet itself can help with increased fertility.. so who knows.


Can you see similarities in the boys character or are they completely different?


We have one baby, Cobie, who has the shortest fuse in the world but his characteristics are so funny and make us laugh every day. Carson is mostly chilled and relaxed and I would say he is more independent than Cobie. Cobie loves the attention for sure!


How was your twin birth experience?


To be honest my whole pregnancy experience was very stressful as COVID played a massive factor which meant I had to attend all scans on my own, except for the first one. Then when it came to making a birth plan I found the doctors were hesitant to let me go for what I wanted which was an elected section. However, with persistence I got what I wanted in the end and the birth itself was amazing. I couldn’t have wished for it to go any better and it was the best feeling in the world meeting our two boys after 9 months of them in my womb. The only downside was Adam could only stay for 15 minutes after the boys arrived as due to COVID he had to leave the hospital after we were discharged from the after-birth room. That was really hard.


How have you adjusted to life with twins at home?


I feel we have adjusted well at home with the boys and we love having them at home with us. It’s been the most amazing and rewarding, yet hardest time of our lives. The boys are fairly in sync with feeds and sleep but some days it doesn’t happen and you just have to see to each baby’s needs as and when. Every baby is so different and it’s not a simple case of getting both boys into the same routine so young.


Do you dress the boys in matching outfits?


We most definitely do put the boys in matching clothes, I think it’s so cute when they look the same! I will continue to dress them the same until they refuse otherwise because they think it’s not ‘cool’ ha! I’m especially loving Rachel Riley London clothing- its lovely to dress the boys in such high quality pieces and the 100% cotton babygrows and rompers have been perfect in the warm weather.


Have family and friends been able to help with the twins?


We’ve been so lucky with the help we’ve received-my parents stayed with us for 3 weeks after the boys were born to provide much needed additional support. My mum and Adam’s mum have been fab with jobs around the house that I can’t seem to get done easily now! My friends all live down South and I’m up North with Adam, so I haven’t managed to see all of them just yet but my best friend had a baby 3 days before me and she came up with her little boy for the weekend which was so lovely.


What products have you found essential for life with twins?


100% my iCandy Peach Twin pushchair – I LOVE it. A twin pillow is essential for feeds when I’m on my own and the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine has been a huge help for night feeds.


What is your favorite thing about the iCandy Peach Twin Pushchair? How does it make life easier?


My favourite thing about the iCandy Peach Twin Pushchair is how easy it rides…it feels so smooth to push. I thought it would be a nightmare trying to get out and about with twins but with the iCandy Peach Twin it feels like you are just pushing a single pushchair – its incredible. Adam loves it because it’s so easy to take out with us, from the fact we can put both car seats on the frame using the car seat adaptors, to its one-handed fold. It’s definitely my favourite twin item we have.


Why did you choose a tandem pushchair rather than a side-by-side pushchair for your twins?


I chose a tandem pushchair over a side by side because I knew I’d feel so stressed if I was out and about by myself and I couldn’t fit into doorways with a side by side pram. It was really worrying me! I was delighted when I saw that iCandy had a tandem that looks the part and rides so smoothly – I had to go for it and it was the best decision I made. The boys sleep for hours in there as they find it so comfy and I’m reassured knowing that the carrycots are suitable for permanent overnight sleeping. Thank you iCandy for making such a beautiful pram!


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