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SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid




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Price - £29.95


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Value for money - ★★★★☆

Appearance - ★★★★★

Quality - ★★★★☆

Usability - ★★★★☆




iCandy says:


A plush sleeping aid with 4 soothing sounds including heartbeat and womb sounds. Also includes two light options - a pink glow or a brighter soft white light for feeding in the dark.

What's on the box


Sleep… every new parent wants more of it! Introducing SnüzCloud, the new stylish and portable baby sleep aid from Snüz that helps comfort and settle your baby when you need it most. With super soft plush fabric and 4 soothing sounds including pink noise, the new deeper sounding alternative to white noise, and heartbeat, to mimic that of pregnant mum's womb.




First impressions of the Snuzcloud Baby Sleep Aid



"Multi-functional sleep aid."


- Jess

"Sweet, soft design which would not distract baby too much."


- Ryan

"A cute simple to use sleeping aid that’s the perfect size and lovely to cuddle."


- Helen


How did the Snuzcloud Baby Sleep Aid make your life easier?





"Helped to settle baby when transitioning to cot for sleep." - Ryan


"My baby and toddler loved it to feel/cuddle when going to sleep. We actually ended up using it more for my toddler, as it seemed better for her to cuddle (my baby liked the small feet to hold of the Sheep sleeping aid!) and we nicknamed him sleepy cloud. But either way whether your child likes it as a baby or more so when they’re a toddler, I think they’ll love it at some point. The lights get babies attention to focus on which in turn helps them get nice and calm for sleeping and the noises/music are great, nice selection of options plus the option to change the volume setting."


- Helen

"The noise selections helped keep Oryn asleep when playing, however, the volume is either too loud or quite. The lights are a soft red and white colour when music plays you can select what one you would like to use."


- Jess


Would you recommend the Snuzcloud Baby Sleep Aid?






This product is less user friendly than its competitors - I would like it to remember sound settings last used so the user does not need to scroll through sounds to find their preferred effect.


- Ryan




The appearance is a lovely cloud and the option of the lights is a great function. But I would like it to have a volume button for the 'middle' (rather than too loud or quite) and a different variety of noises.


- Jess




Yes most definitely. For the price, you’ll end up using this as a sleep or calm time companion for your little one for years to come no doubt. But - like the other sleep aids tested - [parents] would happily pay extra for batteries to be ‘INCLUDED’ for once.


- Helen


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iCandy Recommends

Our review panel was impressed with the design of this sleep aid and its soft touch feel. They were particularly pleased by the different light features on offer but would have preferred if batteries were included.

iCandy Recommends

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