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Schnuggle Moonlight Nightlight and Room Thermometer




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Price - £29.95


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Value for money - ★★★★☆

Appearance - ★★★★★

Quality - ★★★★☆

Usability - ★★★☆☆




iCandy says:


A portable nightlight and room thermometer in one, offering parent and child modes for newborn and beyond.

What's on the box


The Moonlight Nightlight and Room Thermometer is a portable nightlight and thermometer in one that'll look great in your home. Designed with dual parent and kid modes, you can use it for them, but it's ideal for you too, providing a comforting light for those twilight night feeds and nappy changes.




First impressions of the Schnuggle Moonlight



"Modern, smart aesthetic - would fit in with any house décor"


- Ryan

"Smart item with easy readable functions on packaging."


- Jess

"It's fine and the light itself helps to see with night feeds but a bit strange to use with the turning it round for different light settings. It's not as intuitive or simple as some of the others I've tried, and it only gives an indication of temperature (of whether it’s a good room temp for baby/toddler) so you could be half a degree out of the optimal temperature and be panicking or changing what your baby’s wearing/number of layers a bit unduly. Aesthetically it looks good with its minimalist design though and can’t comment on its full potential using it in child mode as both baby and my toddler are to young to use it yet."


- Helen


How did the Schnuggle Moonlight make your life easier?





"Very quick way to know if the temperature is correct, even at night in low light." - Ryan


"I am able to move around at night without disturbing Oryn and my husband - you simply turn the Schnuggle upside down to adjust the dim light level (there are 3). It eventually turns off but when you approach it the light turns on."


- Jess

"The light was just bright enough for night feeds so I didn't have to use a lamp and wake up the husband when feeding my little boy in bed. I also liked that it had different brightness levels which would be handy depending on what you’re doing (ie. just checking baby, vs feeding/changing them) but I couldn’t get to grips with getting the right brightness level because or the poor usability unfortunately."


- Helen


Would you recommend the Schnuggle Moonlight?






Yes, acts as both a nightlight and thermometer. Good value for money, as it can be used as the child gets older as their own night light. (But) as night feeds take up to an hour, the Schunggle's 40min timer was not sufficient.


- Ryan




I love the appearance of the item and so easy to use. Personally I would have liked to have the room temp displayed so i know the exact temp rather than a range.


- Jess




I have to say no. I just personally found the usability let it down. 


- Helen


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Our review panel was impressed by the effectiveness of the night light during night feeds and changing, however the 40 minute timer seemed a little optimistic for those longer feeds. Whilst the changing colours indicated room temperature quickly, our testers would have preferred a more accurate display of the temperate.

iCandy Recommends

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