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Purflo Baby Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog




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Value for money - ★★★★☆

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Quality - ★★★★★

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iCandy says:


A premium sleeping bag featuring removable sleeves, a zipper for night-time nappy changes and travel-friendly slots suitable for 3-point or 5-point car or buggy harnesses.

What's on the box


This exciting new Baby Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog from safe sleep experts Purflo features removable sleeves, so your baby can use it all year round, an easy-access zipper for rowse-free night changes, breathable panels to prevent overheating and travel-friendly slots to take 3-point or 5-point car or buggy harnesses.





First impressions of the Purflo Baby Sleep Bag




"Really nice design, removable arms were a nice touch, nice fit and soft material."


- Ryan

"Thick and the multifunctionality is easy to read on packaging."


- Jess

"A premium quality attractive sleep bag that’s thought of all features to make it super adaptable whatever the temperature or what your baby is wearing in bed."


- Helen


How did the Purflo Baby Sleep Bag make your life easier?




Good access

"Dual zipper made night changes easier. Baby had a comfy sleep." - Ryan

Good access

"The mesh at the back of the neck and underarms are great to keep Oryn cool, long sleeves able to remove as he didn't seem to like them."


- Jess

"My baby seemed to sleep very well all cosy in this sleep bag. It felt safe, fabrics were lovely and soft, and we could choose whether to keep the arms on or off and with this crazy weather we’ve been having with ever changing temperatures that’s really handy. Could do night time nappy changes without having to unzip the whole thing or remove him from it, which meant quicker changes and not disturbing him as much."


- Helen


Would you recommend the Purflo Baby Sleep Bag?






Yes. Quality sleeping bag with a good sizing range. It can be difficult to get baby's arm into the holes though. A slightly larger hole or popper system would be beneficial.


- Ryan




I love the fact you could use this item whilst child is in anything with a buckle with the open hole at the back of the sleeping bag. I would have kept the zip straight rather than swirled though as it does not go up easy when Oryn wiggles.


- Jess




Yes, if you’re happy to spend a bit more on a sleeping bag then I’d definitely recommend as it strikes a great balance of good features, great quality, and lovely look and feel fabric wise. 


- Helen


Reviewer recommendations



iCandy Recommends

Our review panel was impressed by the multifunctionality of this sleeping bag, particularly the removable arms which gave our testers flexibility depending on the room temperature. Whilst the zipper designed for ‘rowse-free night changes’ was a bonus, its curved design meant that our testers found the zip difficult to manipulate at times.

iCandy Recommends

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