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myHummy Szumisie Mini




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Price - £29.99


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Value for money - ★★★★☆

Appearance - ★★★★☆

Quality - ★★★☆☆

Usability - ★★★★☆




iCandy says:


An app operated sleep aid, the myHummy emits 5 types of sound including white noise and amniotic fluid with heartbeat to help baby sleep.

What's on the box


Take the soothing, oh-so-familiar hum of myHummy with you anywhere. Due to its small size and a special Velcro fastening, the myHummy Mini is perfect to hang on a child's bed, buggy, car seat or baby carrier. You can also attach it to your wrist to help settle your baby.




First impressions of the myHummy Szumisie Mini



"Compact design with nice aesthetic."


- Ryan

"Simple design and colour. English instructions in box rather than on packaging."


- Jess

"I’m going to be totally honest and say that due to the sounds it made, I really didn’t like it. The other sleep aid sounds were much nicer and more calming, so we didn’t really use it once we’d heard the noises. It may be that scientifically they’re great noises for baby, but if you can find a balance of something that also sounds ok for adults to listen to too, then all the better."


- Helen


How did the myHummy Szumisie Mini make your life easier?





"Hour long timer helped to settle more effectively than other similar products." - Ryan


"It didn’t unfortunately as we didn’t like the sounds."


- Helen

"This is great for keeping Oryn asleep through the night as it plays for ages."


- Jess


Would you recommend the myHummy Szumisie Mini?






Hour long timer was beneficial but temperamental button would make it difficult to recommend.


- Ryan




I would as all you need to do is press the on button and leave it. A light that would glow would have been a lovely touch, however, it does everything you would want from a sleep aid.


- Jess




No. By changing the sounds to more attractive ones, it would be a different story and we’d have used it.


- Helen


Reviewer recommendations



iCandy Recommends

Our review panel liked the simplicity of this product thanks to its one-button or blue-tooth operation. Whilst one reviewer liked the gentle fade-out of the white noise after 60 minutes, another wasn’t keen on the sounds that were emitted and felt an integrated light would have been beneficial.

iCandy Recommends

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