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Sweet Dreamers' Ewan the Dream Sheep




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Price - £29.99


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Value for money - ★★★★★

Appearance - ★★★★★

Quality - ★★★★★

Usability - ★★★★★




iCandy says:


A cuddly sleep aid that emits soothing womb and heartbeat sounds to help comfort baby.

What's on the box


Multi award-winning, super cute cuddly Ewan the Sheep mimics the comfort of the womb with a selection of 'pink and white noise' soothing sounds, including actual recordings of womb and heartbeat, combined with a warm pink calming glow, to lull your newborn or toddler into a peaceful slumber.




Real world reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Helen, who tested Ewan the Dream Sheep.

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First impressions of Ewan the Dream Sheep



"Lovely design, but quite large so awkward to attach."


- Ryan

"Great design with easy readable instructions on packaging."


- Jess

"A lovable edition to your baby’s soft toy collection with the added bonus of it doubling up as a sleep aid! The red light is great for helping focus the baby which helps with them self calming for sleepy time, and the different sound options are great. The little sheep legs and ears are also the perfect size for little hands to hold onto for sensory play/comfort and for little mouths to chew on! This was my little baby boys favourite of the sleep aids."


- Helen


How did Ewan the Dream Sheep make your life easier?





"Helped soothe and calm my baby boy when he was getting a little fractious, and also helped with him falling to sleep." - Helen

"Natural sounds helped to settle quickly."


- Ryan

"The noise compared to the other sleep aids is much softer and glows red when playing."


- Jess


Would you recommend Ewan the Dream Sheep?






Yes - very easy to use and the sounds are authentic.


- Ryan




I love the appearance and simple use by pressing each of the four legs for a different noise.


- Jess




Yes definitely, I can’t imagine a baby not liking this and although it’s a bit pricey, given it will probably see baby through to toddler years as a comforter and beyond as a soft toy, it’s a good buy.


- Helen


Reviewer recommendations



iCandy Recommends

Our review panel was impressed with the design of Ewan the Dream Sheep as it doubles up as a sleep aid and cuddly toy in one. Our testers liked the different natural sound options and how easy they were to change. The soft red glow was a bonus all-round although our testers did find it a little tricky to attach this slightly bulky sleep-aid to a bedside crib.

iCandy Recommends

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